Severe Housing Crisis

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1922 - 2016

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1922 to 1983

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over 61 years

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I would mention too, the Severe Housing Crisis in Germany, the painful condition of congestion in which not only the former population of Germany, or what is left.

Is not one of the principal difficulties faced by local authorities in solving the Severe Housing Crisis the high cost of building land?

The city faces a Severe Housing Crisis, with more thn 22,000 of its houses officially described as below the tolerable standard and a minimum of 35,000 public sector houses requiring treatment for the growing problem of damp.

1986 to 1987

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There is, without doubt, a Severe Housing Crisis in the country at present, one which has been deepening in recent years and which the present Government show little or no sign of even recognising, let along taking the necessary steps to tackle.

I congratulate the organisers on drawing attention to the Severe Housing Crisis, on pleading for urgent action to alleviate the misery that bad housing causes and on demanding investment in better homes.

When will he recognise the Severe Housing Crisis from which Wales suffers?

1990 to 1992

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Leicester faces a Severe Housing Crisis as a result of Government policies, which have systematically discriminated against the public sector provision of housing.

It was designed to get the Government through the election but no further and is now to be abandoned, despite the evidence of a Severe Housing Crisis throughout the country.

The Bill and ministerial utterances must be judged against the background of a Severe Housing Crisis, and the extent to which what the Government try to do addresses the problems.

2002 to 2013

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over 11 years

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I will not repeat the details that were furnished about the Severe Housing Crisis under which London is groaning - that is no exaggeration.

We all know that there is a Severe Housing Crisis in this country.


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As a country, we face a Severe Housing Crisis.

There is a Severe Housing Crisis in this country.

We have the most Severe Housing Crisis of any part of the UK, the highest cost of living, and the starkest levels of inequality.


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We are faced with a Severe Housing Crisis and institutional tax avoidance on a huge scale.

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