Difficulty Crisis

Including: Crisis of Difficulty, Crisis of Great Difficulty

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1807 - 1937

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1807 to 1849

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over 42 years

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in another similar Crisis of Difficulty, whether he might or might not happen to have a friend in the situation of secretary to the treasury, and having a freehold in Hampshire.

]—at all events a great portion of the present excitement was in favour of the Government—that excitement would, however, pass away; and when the promises of the hon. Gentlemen opposite were found not to be realized—when the promises they had made to the merchants, the manufacturers, and the labourers were not fulfilled in the increase of trade and manufactures — when all the hopes they had held out were proved to be visionary and fallacious, then would they (the protectionists) appeal to the people of England with this simple question, "Who, in the hour and Crisis of Difficulty, wese your subtle but faithless counsellors, and who your humble but consistent friends"?

Besides, it should be recollected in justice to this country and to the mass of the working people, that for eighteen months previous to the outbreak of the French revolution, they had passed through a Crisis of Great Difficulty, privation, and suffering.


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Difficulty Crisis

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