Formidable Crisis

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1844 - 1996

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1844 to 1937

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over 93 years

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But the right hon. Baronet's policy has been to apply irritants, which have produced nothing but a series of paroxysms—every one more powerful than its predecessor—and now the condition of the patient, unless you adopt most decisive measures, threatens a most Formidable Crisis.

He had been surprised to hear France cited on the other side of the question during the debate; for he thought no one who had watched the course of France during the last few years could doubt that an extended suffrage had not only been the means of saving her in what had been a most Formidable Crisis, but that it had, to a great extent, sobered and improved the French character.

Europe has passed through a Formidable Crisis without an armed conflict.


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There can be no doubt that self-assessment, as introduced by the present Government, has enormous and damaging potential to turn an important change into a Formidable Crisis for small businesses and the self-employed.

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