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It does not address the central issue that she has raised today, but there is an immediate humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, which the international community must address.

The Crisis in Gaza is getting even worse.

On Palestine, does my right hon. Friend accept that the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza and on the west bank is now so acute that, however fierce the battles between Fatah and Hamas, and however fierce the face-off between Israeli and Palestinian, we cannot simply walk by on the other side?

Israel has expressed its commitment to avoiding a humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, and we call on it to ensure that any response is in accordance with international law.

Does the Prime Minister agree that the growing humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, resulting from the closure of the border between the Gaza strip and Israel, is the most pressing concern to be addressed at the forthcoming conference at Annapolis?

All of us in the Chamber recognise that it was no small achievement to get everybody to Annapolis in the first place and to reach any kind of agreement as a result, so we do not want to downplay the importance of what has been achieved, but does the Foreign Secretary recognise that the brief reference in his statement to the Crisis in Gaza was more than was managed in the official communiqué, and that without serious attention to the problems there no deal over the next 12 months will get anywhere?


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Last month the Secretary of State for International Development said that the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza was "getting worse by the day".

Understandably, hon. Members concentrated mostly on the continuing Crisis in Gaza.

I know how passionately he feels about the plight of the Palestinians, and that he understands the need for urgency and care in resolving the long-standing political and security problems that continue to generate the Crisis in Gaza.

Will my right hon. and learned Friend find time to debate the current Crisis in Gaza?

It also outlines a growing humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, with some 30 per cent.

I also join the Secretary of State in acknowledging the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.


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He is, of course, right to say that the current Crisis in Gaza is, in part, an indictment of a delay in engagement by the international community, including the United States, in resolving this issue.

Quite rightly, the eyes of the world are focused on the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.

Anyone who has followed the Crisis in Gaza over the past few weeks will have been confronted by a spectacle of horror and of the most appalling human suffering.

The Gaza Crisis has reverberated around the world.

The challenge is to ensure that This Gaza Crisis does not simply provide another grim milestone in an endless conflict.

Given that the Conservative and Labour leadership agree on the policy towards Israel but are out of tune with the views in the country, such limited time for Back-Bench dissent is unhealthy, but it is the reality that the House of Commons has experienced during the terrible Crisis in Gaza.

Last night, Channels 4 and 5 and ITV screened the Gaza Crisis appeal.

That is the light in which we have to see the BBC's reluctance to screen the Gaza Crisis appeal in order to "avoid any risk of compromising public confidence in the BBC's impartiality".

We should not for a minute underestimate the scale of the Crisis in Gaza.

My right hon. Friend the Prime Minister is aware of the tragic humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.

My Lords, the failure to resolve the Gaza Crisis by the road map of the quartet bars the road to peace and makes the map irrelevant.

As days go by, the extent of the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza is becoming clear.

During that meeting, our ambassador took the opportunity to urge all sides to show restraint during the Crisis in Gaza, and referred to the importance of their respecting the terms of UN Security Council resolution 1701.

During that meeting, our ambassador took the opportunity to urge all sides to show restraint during the Crisis in Gaza, and referred to the importance of them respecting the terms of UN Security Council resolution 1701.


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I return to the fact that, especially in winter months, there is a real humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.

DfID has committed more than £24 million to alleviating the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza since the conflict, and has given £5 million to the UN relief agency to strengthen the education programmes that are designed to combat radicalisation among vulnerable young Gazan people.

It will also be important to discuss recent developments in Gaza, how the European Union can give fresh momentum to the middle east peace process and what role we can play in helping to address the Crisis in Gaza.

The Crisis in Gaza is central to the broader crisis between Israel and Palestine, and that conflict, in turn, is one of the most important in global political terms.


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My Lords, last week representations about this were made even by the UN Secretary-General, which demonstrates once again the futility of all efforts by the international community to alleviate, let alone to resolve, the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.

My Lords, first, will the Minister confirm in his reply that it is now the view of Her Majesty's Government that there is not a humanitarian Crisis in Gaza?

Does she further agree that the international community must now focus on de-escalation and finding a sustainable ceasefire-with emphasis on "sustainable"-because a temporary ceasefire will do no one much good; on finding a political solution to the Present Gaza Crisis; and on reviving the Middle East peace process, which has been allowed to go dormant but is not dead?

What support have the Government given in this specific week to alleviate the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza?

The occurrence of yet another Crisis in Gaza adds to those arguments, but we also have to be clear that the firing off of hundreds of rockets at Israel certainly does not help and is no tactic designed to get rid of any blockade or restrictions; it is totally counterproductive in that respect, as well as killing civilians.

We welcome the agreed ceasefire following the Crisis in Gaza.


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The Chamber may recall that, back in 2012, the Prime Minister urged Israel's then Prime Minister to “do everything possible” to end the Crisis in Gaza.

All that any of us can ask is that Israel, as the occupying power, complies with the norms of international law, and that we see some swift and speedy alleviation of the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.

In 2009, the Labour Government responded to the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, giving an additional £15 million at the height of the conflict.

As hon. Members know, the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza is not a new problem.

However, we believe that the current Crisis in Gaza decreases the prospects for elections in the near future.

At the beginning of this Crisis in Gaza, my right honourable friend William Hague called for an immediate ceasefire and a fundamental transformation of the situation in Gaza.

I have not yet mentioned the current Crisis in Gaza.

In addition to the Crisis in Gaza, our focus is very much on Ukraine.

I am mindful of the heartfelt concerns expressed by the noble Baroness, Lady Warsi, as she took the bold step of resigning from the Government, stating that the Government's position on the Crisis in Gaza was morally indefensible.

We have seen a significant expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, heightened security threats to both sides, punitive restrictions on Palestinian movement, economic decline, a humanitarian Crisis in Gaza of catastrophic proportions and the construction of an illegal annexation wall through Palestinian land.

We take certain positions - for example, on language during the Gaza Crisis and at the Human Rights Council of July 2014, when a commission of inquiry was proposed for human rights violations during the Gaza crisis.

Will the Secretary of State join me in thanking my constituents from Lockwood, Crosland Moor and Thornton Lodge for their fundraising efforts to help address the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, and will she confirm what steps the UK is taking to aid reconstruction in Gaza following the Cairo conference?

The economic decline and the humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, which we have debated in this Chamber on previous occasions and which has been caused by a cruel and highly illegal blockade, has left 1.

I asked the Secretary of State for Defence about that last week and found that 68 licences were granted in the six months leading up to the summer before the Crisis in Gaza.

During the summer, when the Gaza Crisis was at its height, the Community Security Trust, another group with which I have an important relationship, collated some shocking statistics, showing that 543 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in July and August, although I suspect that that is the tip of the iceberg and not the full picture.


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Some 100,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in the most recent Crisis in Gaza, and flooding, heavy snow and plummeting temperatures have now intensified the terrible conditions faced by Palestinian men, women and children.

An immediate priority must be to address urgently the severe humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.

There have been significant expansions of illegal Israeli settlements in the west bank, heightened security threats to both sides, the construction of an illegal separation barrier, restrictions on Palestinian movement, the suffocation of productivity, punitive home demolitions and a humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, and there is no end or hope in sight.

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