Manpower Crisis

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1947 - 2015

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Is the Minister aware that there is every likelihood of a Manpower Crisis in the agricultural industry during this coming year, and will he look at this question again since it is vitally important?

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the Manpower Crisis calls.

This is going on concurrently with a Major Manpower Crisis here.

Consequently we cannot, in This Manpower Crisis, afford to miss that fundamental point.

In this Crisis of Manpower, 76 per cent.

I fear that as Our Manpower Crisis deepens, this tragic error may be repeated.

With the approaching removal of the Control of Engagements Order fromfarming, plus the many would-be emigrants to the Dominions, many of whom have been hitherto tied in this country to the land, I predict an Acute Manpower Crisis in agriculture in the not very distant future.

We are faced with the Great Manpower Crisis in industry.

After the war, "split duties" were abolished entirely in London, and we were considering how to reduce them in the provinces when the Manpower Crisis supervened.

1949 to 1955

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Will the right hon. Gentleman reconcile the rather negative attitude he is now going to take to get workers with the speech of Mr. Arthur Horner, in which he said that there will be a Manpower Crisis and that there are not sufficient men in the mines?

But my hon. Friend realises that if that is done it will cause an Acute Manpower Crisis inside the Army, because it has been established that there is only a certain number of Regulars and, if they are not divided fairly between the Army and the Air Force, we might as well wind up the Army.

, and that is why we have the Crisis in Manpower.

1956 to 1960

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As hon. Members will probably be aware, up to May, 1951, they were not accepted, but in that month, at the time of the Acute Manpower Crisis which resulted from the Korean War, it became necessary to scrape the barrel, so to speak, for every available man.

However, we now have to get rid of the three-year engagement and have a six-year engagement or we will have Another Manpower Crisis in six years.

We are entering into a great Crisis of Manpower in the mining industry.

The Real Manpower Crisis in the Army will not come in the Parachute Regiment or the Guards; possibly they can manage.


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Now I come to what I think the Minister skated over, bigger steps which might or might not be taken to overcome This Manpower Crisis.

At another time there is a shortage of them, and a Manpower Crisis results in intensive recruiting campaigns for men for the pits.

Without some such policy - and I do not want to go into details now - the Manpower Crisis will deepen.

We are assured that recruiting has nothing to do with This Manpower Crisis.

The lesson of the Manpower Crisis is that the Minister of Defence requires more authority as against the other Service Ministers.

If the present trends continue, and men continue to leave the pits at the rate at whim they are leaving them now, before this yearis out, and before the Bill becomes an Act, we shall be faced for the first time for many years with a Crisis in Manpower.

The Manpower Crisis has deepened, and so has the financial crisis of the industry.

It has happened, partly a financial and partly a Manpower Crisis, neither of which the Minister of Power foresaw.


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We have had a debate which has been underlined by a general feeling on both sides that we are approaching a Manpower Crisis, which it is politically difficult for all parties to contemplate in a totally unbiased manner.

But I must strongly emphasise that it is quite wrong to talk in terms of a Manpower Crisis facing the Navy.


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I take the point made by the hon. and gallant Member for Ripon - that the Crisis of Manpower will be in general practice tomorrow but that it is in the hospital service today.

The lower figure quoted in the National Plan is on page 122 of Part I. But in spite of these uncertainties about the effect on manpower of redeployment, the figures surely indicate, whatever else they may mean, that in coming years - and I believe that this is true of my part of Yorkshire - we shall be led to a Manpower Crisis.

It will cause a Manpower Crisis in the most productive areas in the country, which were spoken about by the hon. Member for Barkston Ash (Mr. Alison) a short time ago.

1966 to 1970

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The Crisis in Manpower can be briefly stated.

Speaking on behalf of the miners, I am entitled to say that that the mining industry is heading for a Manpower Crisis.

It is significant that there is now talk of a Crisis of Manpower in the mining industry.

1973 to 1975

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There is a Manpower Crisis in the Metropolitan Police Force.

It has landed us with a Manpower Crisis at a time of energy shortage.

My main purpose in initiating this debate under Class IX of the Estimates is to highlight the Manpower Crisis which I believe is now crippling the efficiency and the effectiveness of Britain's police service.

They need extra financial help toend the Manpower Crisis.

1977 to 1978

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Until he faces the facts of the manpower situation, it will be that much harder to find a proper solution not only to the Manpower Crisis but, I suspect, to the inflationary crisis of which the manpower crisis forms but part.

of even the small number of Chieftain tanks that we are allowed to have, have had to be put in mothballs because of the Manpower Crisis.

The Royal College of Nursing says that there is a Crisis of Manpower, money and morale; and we in the Opposition say that there is also a crisis of mismanagement.

1980 to 1981

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We had a Manpower Crisis in 1973–74, which was resolved only by the imposition of the Halsbury findings for nurses and mid-wives, and by the imposition of increases linked to the cost of living for ancillary staff and other groups in the Service.

We have not decided that that is what we want to achieve, although it is a sensible response to the Manpower Crisis that we face.

Is not this the most relevant document on the subject published since the Manpower Crisis came upon us?

1982 to 1985

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The right hon. Gentleman, in the tribute that he fairly paid to my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary for helping to increase the strength of the police forces, should have followed it through by recognising that the reversal of the Manpower Crisis of 1977 means that we can now contemplate more foot policemen on the streets and a greater police presence where it is most required and can do most good.

The research commissioned for the Royal College of Nursing commission on nursing education gave clear evidence of the Manpower Crisis that will occur in nursing in the early 1990s unless something is done.


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The White Paper does not say much about what is being done to deal with the Manpower Crisis to which the Minister admitted in his opening speech.

That decision has been made without adequate reference to the impact on a loyal ally of halving the resources flowing to the hill tribes of Nepal, without adequate regard to the Manpower Crisis faced by the British Army as we plunge into the democratic trough and without proper consideration of the new instability in China and elsewhere in the world.

If the Government think that they can survive such a drop in morale for a long time, especially with the Manpower Crisis, most of all in the nursing profession, they are very much mistaken.

1995 to 1997

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The Royal College of Nursing congress at Harrogate in 1978 talked ofa Crisis of Manpower, finance and morale in the service".

The 1978 Royal College of Nursing congress at Harrogate talked abouta Crisis of Manpower, finance and morale in the service".

Despite the importance of highly trained seafarers to securing high standards of maritime safety, British shipping faces a Manpower Crisis.

1999 to 2002

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Take the Massive Manpower Crisis in obstetrics.

If the Secretary of State takes such action, he is in danger of precipitating a Manpower Crisis in the NHS.

Nowhere in the NHS is that Manpower Crisis seen more clearly and nowhere is the challenge greater than in my previous area of general practice.

Yesterday I chaired a meeting of the Associate Parliamentary Group on Skin on the Manpower Crisis in dermatology.

2003 to 2015

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over 12 years

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Support services are suffering from a Manpower Crisis.

One GP in Halton told me recently: “The overwhelming problem is the Manpower Crisis and the rock bottom morale of the Profession, which are interlinked.

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