Gravest Economic Crisis

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1922 - 2009

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1922 to 1947

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At a moment of Gravest Economic Crisis, we are to surrender entirely any thought of the wisdom or the science which the ages have bequeathed to us, and, in the spirit of men in a panic at the result of their own blunders, to rush to any expedient, ignoring completely the profound principles on which our past policy has been adopted.

We are passing to-day through the Gravest Economic Crisis this country has ever had to face.

The House must not allow the Government to come here again and insult the House by a collection of sayings such as we were treated to at the Despatch Box today, two years after our Government have taken office, and at a time when the country faces the Gravest Economic Crisis I think the House is failing in its duty unless it gives the Government, and the Colonial Secretary in particular, a public castigation for the happenings in Palestine.

Here is the Gravest Economic Crisis we have ever known.

1974 to 1975

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There is no question but that our industrial problems lie at the heart of many of the problems which we now describe as part of the Gravest Economic Crisis since the war.

I freely acknowledge that the Prime Minister did say that Britain faces the Gravest Economic Crisis since 1931.

We are suffering from what the Prime Minister calls the Gravest Economic Crisis that we have faced since 1931.

This is intolerable at any time, but, above all, at a time when we are, as everyone knows, in the Gravest Economic Crisis and when the amount of the Government's official borrowing requirement of £9,000 million - and the public sector borrowing requirement is likely to be considerably more than that - is, in the Chancellor's own admission, one of the major elements in our crisis, with which he knows he has to deal.

1976 to 2009

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over 33 years

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The programme which the Labour Party presented to the nation in February and October 1974 warned the country that we were faced with the Gravest Economic Crisis since the war, thanks to the policies of the Conservative Government, supported by the hon. Gentleman.

We face the Gravest Economic Crisis since the hungry 1930s.

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