Land Crisis

Including: Crisis in Land, Crisis in the Land, Crisis in Our Land

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1934 - 2003

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1934 to 1966

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over 32 years

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It is clear that the bulk of the competition to-day comes from the Netherlands, and, as my right hon. Friend will be aware, an Act was passed last year in the Netherlands—the Nether-Land Crisis Dairy Act—by which a levy is raised on butter in the Netherlands in order to subsidise milk used for manufacture.

It appears to be the aim of Ministers today to pick holes in our idea for getting at, for breaking the back of, the Land Crisis.

It was because they deliberately put the land at the mercy of the land speculator that we have been faced with a Land Crisis today.

One thing I have learned in these last 18 months is that if we are to end the Land Crisis we must build a much more powerful central instrument, with all the necessary powers and the capital required to buy the land before it is needed for development, when it is relatively cheap - buying it without development value, before it gets too expensive.

1972 to 1984

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over 12 years

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Ten years ago, if the unemployment figure exceeded 100,000 people regarded that as a Crisis in the Land, but now if the unemployment figure drops from 140,000 to 130,000 they say that things are looking up and cannot get much blacker.

Speculation in land values in 1974 created a Crisis in Land, especially for local authorities.

If we do not develop this derelict land, it is not just an eyesore but will add to a considerable Crisis in Land for housing which I feel certain will develop before the next election.

1985 to 2003

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over 18 years

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There is a Crisis in Our Land.

Businesses are going bankrupt in record numbers and rural unemployment is soaring as the Land Crisis deepens.

Today, when we might have hoped that the conflicts of the past were an ever more distant memory, instead Zimbabwe is a nation of instability, of Land Crisis and of violence, with a rampant AIDs problem and a devastated economy.

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