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1978 - 2015

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1978 to 1995

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But whether it should be a 24-Hour Crisis centre, which would be bound almost to be unpatronised for a large period of the day, is very much an open question.

There is 24-Hour Crisis advice available, which often helps them to overcome problems when they have not before had the chance to do so.

We need 24-Hour Crisis beds for those who cannot cope in the short term, and we need asylum in the best sense of the word - a place of safety in which to rest and improve one's mental health.

That goes for medium-term needs, with hospital hostel-type concepts, it goes for secure accommodation, for acute beds, for 24-Hour Crisis beds, for long-term beds and for asylum.

1996 to 1998

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Is the Minister aware that the money will be used to extend the partnership with the island's social services as well as for a 24-Hour Crisis intervention team, which is badly needed on the island?

The funding has enabled us to see an extension of the 24-hour staffed accommodation on the island and the establishment of the 24-Hour Crisis intervention team.

The measures include: access to NHS Direct 24 hours a day; 24-Hour Crisis teams to respond in emergencies; more mental health beds of the right sort, in the right place; more hostels and supported housing; home treatment teams; and improved mental health training for GPs and others responsible for providing primary care.

2001 to 2003

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That was perhaps the only time that the right hon. Member for St. Pancras and I looked for a third way; a way that comprised the provision of acute beds, more secure facilities, more 24-Hour Crisis teams, hostels--as the hon. Member for West Chelmsford said--supported accommodation, home treatment teams and assertive outreach.

Of course it is important that health commissioners work with other key agencies and providers - I understand that they are doing so - to plan and develop provision to ensure that there is better integration and joint work between tier 3, which covers specialist outreach and out-patient services, and tier 4, which covers in-patient services, to improve the links and provide a 24-Hour Crisis response team, better outreach and respite services and early intervention in psychosis.

We also have no 24-Hour Crisis intervention service in the city and there is inadequate funding for adult outreach services and early intervention services for young people.

2004 to 2005

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Mental health trusts that improve their 24-Hour Crisis services can get £200,000, and primary care trusts that plan and deliver high quality out-of-hours services will get £100,000.

I make a plea for 24-Hour Crisis centres.

Does the hon. Gentleman not believe that, instead of investing in bricks and mortar and institutionalising people, there is something to be said for assertive community treatment schemes, early intervention services, home treatment schemes and 24-Hour Crisis lines?

2006 to 2007

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What this means for services is that the trust is having to look at bringing forward the closure of in-patient beds, leading to a real rush to put in place the 24-Hour Crisis community cover that is needed.

The PCT has implemented some of those recommendations, but not enough to be able to provide a 24-Hour Crisis service.

In addition, I am informed that the Southwark and Lambeth primary care trusts are going to commission a wide range of mental health and 24-Hour Crisis mental health services of a high standard.

It is noticeable that since Tony Blair announced his retirement at the end of April, we have heard a lot of talk from the new Prime Minister about how he will tackle problems such as the out-of-Hours Crisis in the national health service, even though he and his colleagues caused that crisis through their mishandling of the issue two years ago.

2009 to 2015

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Hours Crisis

Shahbaz Bhatti initiated comparative religious classes in schools and universities, introduced a prayer room for non-Muslims in the prison system, and started a 24-Hour Crisis hotline to report acts of violence against minorities.

The CQC asked people to share their experiences, and what people told it demonstrates a real weakness in mainstream mental health provision as regards 24-Hour Crisis care.

As Dr Paul Lelliott, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals at CQC, who led the review, stated, there is a, “real weakness in mainstream mental health provision as regards 24 Hour Crisis care.

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