Human Rights Crisis

Including: Crisis of Human Rights, Crisis in Human Rights, Worst Human Rights Crisis

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1988 - 2015

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1988 to 2003

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I am a little confused about the hon. Gentleman's reference to Colombia, a country in which there is a Human Rights Crisis.

At least the Commonwealth should commission an independent study on the Crisis of Human Rights, democracy and the rule of law in Zimbabwe, so that it has a better appreciation of the facts on which to base its decisions.

The EU currently provides $12 million of aid, and the Commission is reconsidering its engagement with Cuba, in the light of the Human Rights Crisis there.

2004 to 2008

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Conservative Members are horrified by the atrocities, Human Rights Crisis and human rights violations that are continuing in Darfur.

The conflict has, however, created a Human Rights Crisis, with abuses being committed by both security forces and the Maoists, and it has forced thousands of people to leave their homes.

The Human Rights Crisis in Sri Lanka is not a figment of the international community's imagination, as some who vilify human rights defenders in Sri Lanka would have us believe.

The Human Rights Crisis is grave, with reports of disappearances, extra-judicial killings and violence against the media.

2009 to 2010

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He is absolutely right: the Human Rights Council is performing well below our hopes, but I have to put it in the broader context of something of a global Crisis in Human Rights.

It is highly appropriate that we are considering the Human Rights Crisis in Burma just one day before we mark the anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights and celebrate international human rights day.

The Colombian Government are a slick PR machine, well rehearsed at saying all the right things about how they are tackling the Human Rights Crisis, but the real situation is very different from what they say.

She is an academic, and has toured north America and Australia at the invitation of trade unions there, with the express intention of raising awareness of the Human Rights Crisis in Colombia.


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Will the hon. Gentleman be characteristically even-handed and mention the Amnesty report, “As if Hell fell on Me: the Human Rights Crisis in North-west Pakistan,” given that this debate is about human rights issues on the subcontinent as a whole?


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In the report is a fascinating essay by Benjamin Ward of that organisation, part of which states: “At first glance, the idea of a Human Rights Crisis in Europe might seem farfetched.

We are facing a Human Rights Crisis in many parts of the world.

A Human Rights Crisis is what happened.

2013 to 2014

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Human Rights Watch, for example, has concluded that in Pakistan last year, the Human Rights Crisis has continued to worsen in Balochistan and that in Bangladesh, the overall human rights record worsened in 2012.

For too long - more than 60 years - what amounts to the world's Worst Human Rights Crisis has also been its most overlooked.

The work of advocacy organisations such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International; campaigns by groups such as Open Doors and Release International; and the efforts of the international coalition to stop crimes against humanity in North Korea, have helped bring about the attention that is finally being given by the UN to North Korea's Human Rights Crisis.


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Will the Minister use the opportunity of the Human Rights Council to raise the Human Rights Crisis in central America, in particular in Mexico?

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