Crisis in Respect

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1841 - 2015

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1841 to 1938

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over 97 years

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We are, in fact, as I consider, in a very great Crisis in Respect to our manufactures.

If I know anything of Labour, if they are quite sure they are to be fairly and squarely treated, there will be no Crisis in Respect of Labour.

House building has reached a certain Crisis in Respect of luxury building, labour and materials.

1962 to 1980

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over 18 years

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Second, I am one of those who feel convinced - my hon. Friend on the Front Bench will not feel it incumbent upon him to reply to this - that we are approaching a Crisis in Respect of expenditure by rates due not least to the fact that, in times of rising income and public expenditure, the rate levy is a less accurate and fair charge on the national wealth than taxation.

In my constituency we have a serious Crisis in Respect of beef.

The European Council shares the concern expressed and the conclusion drawn by the 11 th Conference of Foreign Ministers of Islamic States on the continued Soviet military presence in Afghanistan and has noted with great interest the creation by this Conference of a Committee to seek ways and means for a comprehensive solution of the grave Crisis in Respect to Afghanistan.

1986 to 1995

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over nine years

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In addition, there is a Crisis in Respect of road bridges, with 23 out of action in Powys.

Why do the Minister and the Secretary of State continue to deny that there is still a serious Crisis in Respect of our teaching force?

I shall simply outline that Crisis in Respect of one matter of genuine concern to all the people of Brent, South - a matter that should not be the subject of party political controversy, because, apparently, hon. Members on both sides of the House agree about it.

1996 to 1999

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over three years

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The situation was bad enough last year, but Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth health authority - which covers a large number of parliamentary constituencies - is now confronting a major Crisis in Respect of St. George's, which faces a deficit next year of more than £14 million.

We provided the right leadership in the Crisis in Respect of the Iraqi weapons inspection regime.

There is a Crisis in Respect of cull ewes in the United Kingdom.

2001 to 2007

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over six years

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I am heartened by the increased financial and logistical support provided by the Secretary of State for International Development, Claire Short, for the humanitarian Crisis in Respect of refugees streaming out of Afghanistan.

I am sure that the Minister would agree that, irrespective of what figures he wants to place on the table and in the light of the figures reported in the media today, there is a massive Crisis in Respect of the lack of additional private saving that is being made on top of state provision.

All the major growth areas in the developing world are already in deep environmental Crisis in Respect of access to those sustainable resources.

The EU is not in Crisis in This Respect; it is tackling important issues.

2009 to 2015

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over six years

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As we already know, there is to be a Crisis in Respect of finding sufficient places for those who get the right A-levels or other level 3 qualifications sufficient for university entry in September this year; it looks as if there will not be enough university places to meet the demand.

The crisis in prize money and the Crisis in Respect of the leaching away from the industry of revenues on which every other racing industry around the world is able to rely is undermining the health of this great industry, It is, as I say, an issue of vital national importance.

I beg, in the gentlest way possible, to differ with the Minister on the issue of whether there is a Crisis in Respect of mental health and young people.

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