International Monetary Crisis

Including: Another International Monetary Crisis, Recent International Monetary Crisis

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1968 - 1973

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One should remember that some people tried last week to imagine whether anything else could possibly happen and concluded that we had exhausted our misfortunes, yet this was followed by the International Monetary Crisis over the weekend.

He told the Economic Commission for Europe that retention of the present price played a major rôle in aggravating the International Monetary Crisis.

that our troubles are all of our own making and have nothing to do with the International Monetary Crisis.

The main charge, as I understand it, is that the Government's measures, if necessary, should have been introduced long before; that our troubles are all of our own making and have nothing to do with the International Monetary Crisis.

I tell the right hon. Gentleman that if he tries to use an International Monetary Crisis to climb to power he will not succeed.

While there is an International Monetary Crisis, beyond that there is also a world trading crisis and I believe that this country can now take a very important lead towards freeing and liberalising world trade.

I am interested in the right hon. Gentleman's comment about the difficulties arising from the International Monetary Crisis, but does he recollect that the Chancellor of the Exchequer argued that the package was not related to the international monetary crisis and that it was, to some extent, a coincidence that the two came together?

Clearly the hon. Gentleman did not hear the speech of my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who made it clear that, on the one hand, these measures were not determined as a result of the Bonn meeting of the Group of Ten but that, on the other hand, they were linked to the International Monetary Crisis.

International Monetary Crisis, 78.

1971 to 1972

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Since the debate in July there has been one development of major importance and that is the International Monetary Crisis.

Has my right hon. Friend noted the disturbing indications that the world may be heading for Another International Monetary Crisis?


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Will not the country have noticed that one of the reasons why sterling has so far not been in the front line of the International Monetary Crisis is the respect that the international community pays to the phase 2 proposals?

As the Japanese balance of payments surplus is one of the main causes of the Recent International Monetary Crisis, may I ask my right hon. Friend to impress upon the Japanese Government that the revaluation of the yen will not necessarily be enough to restore stability to the situation, that it remains highly desirable that import restrictions should be liberalised, that the Japanese export control programme should continue and that it is time Japanese promises were matched by action?

most of them have made massive losses out of the Recent International Monetary Crisis.

The fact is that not only have most of the Arab Governments, central banks and major Arab institutions behaved very responsibly in international finance over the years; most of them have made massive losses out of the Recent International Monetary Crisis.

There is an International Monetary Crisis, about which we shall no doubt hear more when the Chancellor presents his Budget tomorrow.

Whatever our differences may be, we must all be agreed that this Budget was introduced against the very sombre backcloth of an International Monetary Crisis and increasing industrial unrest at home.

I do not envy the Chancellor having to cope with a difficult enough problem of sterling when on top of it he is in the middle of an International Monetary Crisis.

Does he agree that Another International Monetary Crisis is bound to occur in the next 12 months, under the present arrangements?

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