Its Financial Crisis

Including: Its Great Financial Crisis, Its Present Financial Crisis, Its Current Financial Crisis, It the Financial Crisis, Its Worst Financial Crisis

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1970 - 2013

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1970 to 1984

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over 14 years

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Eight Merseyside local authorities have also set up a working party to discuss ways in which they can help the Board out of Its Financial Crisis.

Had it not been for the accession of Britain in 1972, the EEC would have entered upon Its Financial Crisis at least one year earlier than it has done.

One of their Supply days should surely be devoted to the Liberal record in Liverpool, that being the principal factor that has brought the city to Its Current Financial Crisis.

1987 to 1991

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over four years

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Our hope now is that the Louvre accord will work to help the world out of Its Financial Crisis, although we should not place too many hopes on that new instrument.

The authority remained within its cash limit in 1987–88 mainly as a result of advances from the Welsh Office and the effect of emergency measures adopted by the authority when Its Financial Crisis first became apparent.

Mr. Geraint Howells (Ceredigion and Pembroke, North): I am sure that the Leader of the House is aware from his own experience that British agriculture is facing 1132 Its Worst Financial Crisis for 50 years.

1995 to 1996

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If it is to prosper, it needs to have Its Financial Crisis resolved once and for all.

Is It the Financial Crisis or the earlier crisis in the Chiapas region?

Mexico is making a steady recovery after Its Financial Crisis last year.

1997 to 2005

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over eight years

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Can he therefore explain why Dyfed-Powys health authority announced on 20 December that, because of Its Financial Crisis, it planned possibly to close eight community hospitals, to change the role of another six out of the total of 19, and to make cuts at all four district general hospitals?

Southend borough council is an extremely well run local authority, and I pay tribute to all the women and men who work for it, but unless the Government do something to help it in Its Present Financial Crisis, services will be decimated in the town of Southend - and let there be no doubt that if that happens the Government will be entirely to blame.

We all want to see the 6,100 jobs at MG Rover, the skills at Longbridge and the wider supply chain saved, so will the Secretary of State take the opportunity to say on the Floor of the House, in relation to her policy of promoting investment - we are in live time, as we speak - and without hiding behind commercial confidentiality, given that taxpayers' money is being offered, whether the Government are definitely making the £100 million bridging loan to MG Rover to draw down now, to see the company through Its Financial Crisis to the point when the deal with the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and the consent of the Chinese Government can be secured?

2007 to 2009

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One of the people I visited while in Tokyo was the governor of the Bank of Japan when it went into Its Great Financial Crisis in 1985; he is an old friend of mine whom I have known for more than 40 years.

A great many of my constituents attend the LMU, and I have had hundreds of letters about Its Financial Crisis over many months.

When I visit the Far East every year, I detect increasing hostility to the concepts of carbon capture and carbon trading - which was dreamt up by the same people who got the world into Its Present Financial Crisis - as simply being devices to slow down economies that compete with western economies.

2010 to 2012

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We call It the Financial Crisis-the big banks.

I am grateful for the Minister's reassurances, but I am afraid that they ring a little hollow, because I was aware of a great many shortcomings in the level and quality of care in Southern Cross homes in Gateshead before Its Financial Crisis became a matter of public record.

Can the Prime Minister reassure the House that in exercising his veto, exhorting the eurozone to sort out Its Financial Crisis and promoting growth through the single market, he is acting in Britain's national interests?


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As Morecambe Bay trust seeks to recover from Its Financial Crisis, one of the options put forward by clinicians is for a new, acute hub hospital to be created south of Kendal to improve safety, access and financial efficiencies.

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