Identity Crisis

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1972 - 2014

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1972 to 1981

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over nine years

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As a Belfastman, I say that the tragedy of the Protestant working class people is that they are suffering a Crisis of Identity.

But, before I succumb to an Identity Crisis, let me make my own position clear on education matters.

It has been said by some commentators that the average Ulster man has a Crisis of Identity because he is neither Irish nor English.

Fish farming is experiencing a Crisis of Identity.

1984 to 1989

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over five years

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It is apparent that the Government are showing little humility in recognising the mistake that previous Conservative Governments made, and many of us who might be inclined to support the abolition of the Identity Crisis councils - the MCCs-which are neither local nor regional government, find it difficult to swallow legislation couched in such terms as clause 9, and legislation that abolishes elections and the one regional authority - the GLC - that we already have.

I believe that it is a Crisis of Identity.

At some time adoptive children may - and will- suffer an Identity Crisis and encounter real difficulties when they discover that their father and mother are not their natural parents.

1990 to 1993

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over three years

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They are going through what is almost an Identity Crisis.

We must prevent the United Nations from plunging deeper into a growing Identity Crisis that threatens to paralyse its efforts Under the United Nations charter, the Secretary-General is something more, but not very much more, than a servant of the Security Council.

Sometimes our tabloids seem to have an Identity Crisis because they do not know whether they belong in that category of publication or are still trying to be newspapers presenting news.


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The Labour movement is going through an Identity Crisis.


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I understand that there is currently an element of confusion in the Tory party and I know that the right hon. Member might be suffering an Identity Crisis as to whether he is a Front or Back Bencher - perhaps his prospects depend on the outcome of the leadership contest.

The former Secretary of State - I think that that is who he is, although he seemed to be having an Identity Crisis earlier - presided over the first five years of the Child Support Agency.

Before talking about my constituency, I should like to refer to the Identity Crisis that I am undergoing.


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As I listened to the debate, I wondered why I was feeling increasingly nervous and I realised that I have a Crisis of Identity.

It was a short story entitled "Identity Crisis".

As 131WH a true-born Yorkshireman, I have never noticed a Crisis of Identity in Yorkshire.

My Lords, in speaking to this Bill, I confess to a certain Crisis of Identity.


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I said Alan Clark - the right hon. Gentleman is clearly having an Identity Crisis.

Will the hon. Gentleman accept, on the strength of the operation thus far of Programming Sub-Committees, that one of their enduring problems is that they seem to suffer from an Identity Crisis?

A perceptive analysis of what is often over-simplified as a racial divide was also provided by Yasmin Alibhai Brown last week in The Independent, who referred to the Identity Crisis of both many Asian youths and many white youths.

The town is having something of an Identity Crisis.

2002 to 2003

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It was not political correctness: it was a fact, backed by empirical data, that, even with the best care of well-meaning adoptive parents and however loving the environment, the children developed a Crisis of Identity in later years that prevented them from being contributing members of society.

I thank my right hon. Friend for that answer, but may I suggest to him that men and women in their 60s may start to suffer from a bit of an Identity Crisis unless there is a little more clarification about the age at which they can start genuinely to feel that they ought to be real pensioners and therefore have access to the great variety of Government benefits that are accessible to pensioners?

Who knows, it might even be helpful to the Tory party, which seems to be going through Another Identity Crisis.


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I argued in 1990 that we risked creating multiple cases of Identity Crisis by denying answers to the fundamental questions: "Who am I"?

That can give it something of an Identity Crisis.


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As I reflected on his comments, I thought that perhaps the Conservatives have no reason to crow given that they are yet again embarking on an Identity Crisis of their own.

I have met several people in my constituency who have complained that they felt alienated from the community, others who felt alienated from the Government, and a proportion who felt alienated from both, but I have yet to meet a single one who has said, "John, I'm alienated - I have an Identity Crisis, and I can't assert my sense of belonging until the Home Secretary gives me my identity card".

Was she demented or having a Crisis of Identity?

I believe that that is a clear case of Identity Crisis for the Conservative party.

The train was three hours late because of Railtrack or Network Rail - I am having an Identity Crisis with them.

I am sorry if I temporarily suffered an Identity Crisis earlier: I realise that I could not for a moment be mistaken for my hon. Friendthe Member for North Shropshire (Mr. Paterson).

2006 to 2008

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A report by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers this month, Loser - Britain's Identity Crisis, states: "The design of the system is based on unreliable and inadequate technologies that could result in privacy and security problems".

Another problem in coastal towns, certainly in Worthing, is Identity Crisis.

If to that turbulence is added the knowledge that one was created for the secondary purpose of providing tissue for an older sibling, the Identity Crisis suffered by many young people today can only be made worse.

Times article, a so-called "senior Treasury figure" spoke of a "Crisis of Identity" in what was once Whitehall's most powerful department.


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For some men the loss of a job can be traumatic and can lead almost to an Identity Crisis.

The modern-day Conservative party has an Identity Crisis.

As someone who has had an Identity Crisis all his life, I have to ask myself - and I have been asked - "What is your name?


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This is a difficult subject for me because I have always had a Crisis of Identity.

I am grateful to the Home Secretary, and I am glad that we are not going to suffer an Identity Crisis for any length of time.

The coalition Government have struggled to come to terms with Their Identity Crisis on nuclear-do they love it or hate it, and will they unequivocally support it or sit on the fence-but the Minister deserves some credit for helping his Lib Dem comrades down off the fence.


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I know that the Labour party is going through an Identity Crisis at the moment, and the hon. Gentleman may be in the wrong party, but if I am not mistaken the Peterborough pilot was started by Labour and the legislation that allows me to do this was passed by Labour, so does he support what his party did, or not?

Does she agree that one of UKBA's main problems, apart from the inability to manage its data or communicate it correctly to the Home Affairs Committee, has been an Identity Crisis?

I think that there is an Identity Crisis that needs to be resolved.


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Already one can see the beginnings of a kind of Identity Crisis developing there.

I am sorry about the Identity Crisis.

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