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1952 - 2016

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1952 to 1972

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Then I agree with a number of hon. and right hon. Members who have said that we must look at this situation, not as a short- Term Crisis, but as a long, difficult struggle which is not desperate, but which is certainly likely to be difficult for a long time to come.

When we have averted a short-Term Crisis, we rather tend to sit back and 'congratulate our selves.

If a family does unfortunately break up, a wife and children can suddenly find themselves projected into an acute personal Crisis in Terms of their housing needs.

1974 to 1975

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We are facing three crises and, Heaven knows, a Crisis in Terms of 3½ years of this Government is nothing new.

In the 1930s everybody saw and felt the Crisis in Terms of mass unemployment and poverty.

I am a little disappointed that in the sections of its report that discussed the influx of visitors to the park the Committee did not take a more radical view of this, because over the next five years we shall face a severe Crisis in Terms of the numbers of people going to areas of outstanding beauty.

1982 to 1984

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The right hon. and learned Gentleman has not been honest with the House or explained how the Labour Government more or less held their own in the previous Crisis in Terms of manufacturing output and employment.

Over the longer term of staff savings, during a period when we did not see the Crisis in the Present Terms, there was a reduction of 41,300 posts on British Rail between 1970 and 1981.

Let us go into the resolution of the present short-Term Crisis and build up and enlarge the Community budget thereafter with equanimity and enthusiasm, because we know that the United Kingdom will benefit substantially from spending money in other sectors where budgets are held back artificially by the unreality of maintaining the own resources limit, which is getting increasingly out of date.

The staff of the Commission were referred to by the hon. Member for Livingston in various critical comparisons of cost, but it must be said that there is a fair amount of Crisis in Terms of staff pressure within the Commission.


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I seem to remember the predecessor of the Secretary of State, the present Home Secretary, telling the House on 20 December 1984 that he would like to retain the power in case there was "a sudden short-Term Crisis, which might occur when Parliament was in recess".


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(ii) Mechanisms to improve co-ordination of controls in major ports and of maritime surveillance; (iii) Role of the media in shaping attitudes to drug misuse; (iv) Role of primary health care personnel and short-Term Crisis intervention in responding to the needs of drug misusers; (v) Problems related to the operating and funding of treatment facilities; (vi) Encouragement of co-operation and action by municipalities and local action groups; (vii) Misuse of medically prescribed psychotropic drugs; (viii) Review of drugs legislation in member states in order to compare solutions adopted to deal with similar problems; (ix) Preparation of a handbook setting out the division of responsibilities for drug questions at national level; (x) Detection and prevention of drug dependence in the armed forces; (xi) Exchange of information on the role and effects of methadone in treatment.

When I raised the question on 20 December 1984 with the former Secretary of State, he said that it was important to retain the power in case of "a sudden short-Term Crisis, which might occur when Parliament was in recess".

Our capital city has a Crisis in Terms of hotel accommodation and it is getting worse every day.

1988 to 1992

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The Minister is aware that I was referring to the Crisis in Terms of the balance of trade in tourism and the inability to think long.

To add insult to injury to that estimable Committee, he said:I simply observe beyond that that if you think that any projections that anybody has produced of any possible payments deficits in the last few weeks represent remotely a Crisis in Terms of the percentage of GDP compared with what we saw year after year during the 1970s, then I am extraordinarily surprised that you should make that comment.

But few would quibble with the claim that today the industry faces a dire Crisis in Terms of morale, its current fortunes and its prospects.

1994 to 1997

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Is not Macedonia facing a grave Crisis in Terms of its security and economy, with industry virtually at a standstill and unemployment rocketing?

If it is fought on fraud, we shall lose and there will be a major Crisis in Terms of our membership of the European Community.

There is certainly a Crisis in Terms of equipment and the capacity to undertake research, and in terms of the buildings themselves.

1998 to 1999

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If we take away the gloss and look through the mirrors that were cleverly presented by the Chancellor, there is a continuing Real Terms Crisis in the public services on which our public depend.

and in thanking her for providing some alleviation to the short-Term Crisis afflicting the industry may I ask whether she recognises that any serious, long-term energy policy for Britain must take account of the fact that there is 1,000 years of coal under our territory, which is mined by some of the most highly skilled engineers in the world?

The Royal College of Nursing, also in the past few days, has said that the Crisis in Terms of shortage of nurses in the health service is the worst for a quarter of a century.


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It is important that Plan Colombia is not reduced to short-Term Crisis management strategies.

The result in this country has been a great Crisis in Terms of building the social infrastructure.


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Is it not true that the system is in Crisis in Terms of diversity in early-years education?

There is no room any longer for fudging or for preoccupation with tactics because we are faced potentially with a terminal Crisis in Terms of the availability of fish stocks but also because if we take seriously our responsibility to those communities that have served us well, nothing would be more unforgivable than to fail to speak forthrightly and clearly about how grave the situation is and what needs to be done to put it right.

It is a moral case, based 69WH on the reasons for this short-Term Crisis.

There is a Crisis in Terms of the outbreak of foot and mouth, and we do not know when it will end.

Indeed, in London we are likely to see a real Crisis in Terms of the future funding and management of the Tube before the end of the summer That has been brought about entirely by the Government's ideological "attachment"--if I may use that word--to a structure and funding mechanism which threatens to make Railtrack look like a model of efficiency and safety.

That proposal has been accepted by Her Majesty's Government and is being implemented, even though we still have a Crisis in Terms of security, even though we have had some of the worst community violence for many years, even though so-called dissidents still pose a grave threat, in the words of the Chief Constable, to security and peace in Northern Ireland and even though the provisional IRA is still fully armed and intact.

Now here we are at a time of equally significant international Crisis in Terms of the possible repercussions of our actions.

2002 to 2003

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Distribution is a problem, not only in Zimbabwe but in other parts of southern Africa which are also facing a Crisis in Terms of food availability.

Does he further agree that the research proves that the combined resources of local authorities, social landlords, the housing corporations and the private sector will be needed if we are to deal with the impending Crisis in Terms of shortage of accommodation?

The all-party Work and Pensions Committee recently had this to say in its serious report on the future of UK pensions: "We agree that the use of the Term Crisis is unhelpful.

2004 to 2005

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As the Prison Service is in Crisis in Terms of numbers, will he tell us what arrangements have been made and how many police forces are on standby for Operation Safeguard?

It has produced another Crisis in Terms of Fiat, Italy's largest automobile company.


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There is not an overall Crisis in Terms of the future numbers of science teachers, because the numbers entering training has risen by almost a third in seven years, but the hon. Member for Basingstoke is right to say that there are still not enough specialist physics and chemistry teachers.

Like the noble Lord, Lord Fowler, I measure the Crisis in Terms of the number of refugees and the displaced.

People may say that that is somewhat draconian, but even if we wait for the oil industry's 2015 figure, we will face an oil price crunch that will lead to a Crisis in Terms of the unaffordability of the conventional ways in which we have tried to move around the country.

2009 to 2010

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One aspect of the noble Lord's Bill and his proposed solution seems fully consistent with the attitude of his Front Bench here and in the other place; that is, an analysis which is purely directed towards the economic and financial Crisis in Terms of the United Kingdom only, as if the deficiencies, if they were proven to be the case, of the Bank of England had produced the worldwide credit crunch, and UK policy and institutions were alone responsible for the difficulties we are in.

We are certainly in a worse position than we were pre-Crisis in Terms of a lack of competition and massive market share.


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But of course the political reality is that if we chose to repeal the 1972 Act or to disapply unilaterally a particular piece of European Union legislation, there would be a serious Crisis in Terms of this country's relationship with the European Union.

The right hon. Member for Blackburn (Mr Straw), for instance, referred to the dramatic changes that have taken place throughout the region: changes that may already constitute the most important event of the early 21st century-even more important than 9/11 or the 2008 financial Crisis in Terms of their possible consequences.

Secondly, I think we all recognise that housing is in Crisis in Terms of its provision, availability and affordability, and I shall just repeat one statistic.

2013 to 2016

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I know that the hon. Lady takes a close interest in these matters, and she will have seen the Office for Budget Responsibility's forecasts, which suggest that even by the end of the forecast period, house prices in this country will be below their level at the peak of the financial Crisis in Real Terms.

We face a Crisis in Terms of getting high-quality maths teachers into high-poverty areas in order to allow young people to pursue a career in science.

The noble Lord suggested that there has been a somewhat tardy response to what was clearly something of a Crisis in Terms of the build-up of cases and the capacity of the Court of Appeal to deal with them.

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