Crisis of Capitalism

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1931 - 2012

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1931 to 1949

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over 18 years

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I am afraid that the solutions that have been offered will provide no exit from the Crisis of Capitalism under which we are now living, a crisis which, we have been told, has been with us for some considerable time.

We are not by any means out of the Crisis of Capitalism, and I suggest that the right hon. Gentleman, if he wanted to go ahead, would have gone in for an expansionist policy, for utilising to the full these reserves; but it seems to me that what obsesses him, and so many Members, is less the desire to get things done, than to see how on earth they are to get money out at interest.

In no part of it was there any suggestion that the only solution for a Crisis of Capitalism was a Socialist policy leading to the elimination of capitalism and to the establishment of Socialism.

1964 to 1972

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over eight years

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Far from there being a Crisis of Capitalism in the West, it is in the Communist world that the problems of economic growth are proving intractable.

If there is a Crisis in Capitalism let us take democrotic Socialist steps and see that certain key industries, the banks and insurance, are brought under public control, to be publicly accountable, and let us have real worker participation.


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I accept what my hon. Friend the Member for Liverpool, Walton (Mr. Heffer) said about the Crisis of Capitalism.

I have heard about the Crisis of Capitalism too frequently to take seriously those who say that capitalism is on the verge of collapse.

The revival of Western Europe and Japan has intensified competition between them and with the United States but I would dismiss altogether the idea of a Crisis of Capitalism.


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Far from there being a Crisis of Capitalism there is a crisis of Socialism.

My right hon. and hon. Friends are castigated for the Crisis of Capitalism, but it is not capitalism that is at fault.

This is indeed the Crisis of Capitalism, exemplified by the workings of a multinational company.


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It is palpable rubbish to say that this is a Crisis of Capitalism.

Does my right hon. Friend not agree that increasing unemployment is due to a Crisis of Capitalism?

In no sense is this a Crisis of Capitalism.

It is a Crisis of Capitalism.

Does not my right hon. Friend agree that the number of school leavers and other people who are unemployed is due to the Crisis of Capitalism, the system which Opposition Members support hook, line and sinker?

As you will appreciate, the House rises in three days, and I wonder whether you have it within your power to outline here and now the provisions necessary for the recall of Parliament to discuss the level of unemployment and the continuing Crisis of Capitalism faced by this country.

It is hardly possible for him, against that background, to describe the present situation as a Crisis of Capitalism.


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This is not a Crisis of Capitalism, as has been suggested.

This is a Crisis of Capitalism, not of Socialism.

If they were present, some Labour Members below the Gangway would no doubt say that it was part of the Crisis of Capitalism.

What we are facing is a very deep Crisis in Capitalism.

One of the previous speakers on the Labour Benches said that the unemployment situation was a Crisis of Capitalism.

The situation was described earlier by a Labour Member as "a Crisis of Capitalism ".

Let them admit that this is a Crisis of Capitalism with which they cannot deal without real interventionist and Socialist policies, and let them tell the trade unions that one of the biggest contributions they can make is to get a 35-hour week throughout British industry as quickly as possible.

No wonder there is the Crisis of Capitalism referred to by the right hon. Member for Sunderland, North (Mr. Willey), because capitalism is being crucified.


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It gives to those in the Tribune group licence and freedom to take an opposite view and to say that everything that has happened is a Crisis of Capitalism.

Does my hon. Friend agree that we are now approaching a Crisis of Capitalism, and that if the capitalist society continues in the present highly unsuccessful situation it will not survive?

The hon. Member for Rother Valley (Mr. Hardy) has referred to the Crisis of Capitalism.

Nor is it enough to say that it is the international Crisis of Capitalism.

The Minister of State said that it was all because of the international recession, and the hon. Member for Walton said that it was a Crisis of Capitalism.

I feel that the Government have fallen short of what the House might have hoped from the Bill, because there is so much talk from the Government Benches of the Crisis of Capitalism yet the Bill does not present any effective solutions to the major problems which we know to exist.

The hon. Member for Walton said that the present situation is a result of a world-wide Crisis of Capitalism and that without changing the system we shall not solve the problem.

They have attempted to maintain the present system in a period which has seen an international Crisis in Capitalism.

1979 to 1982

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over three years

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Until we change that position and make that power accountable, the Crisis of Capitalism will continue.

Britain, above all, at this time needs a Labour Government who are pledged to policies to tackle the essential Crisis of Capitalism.

The hon. Gentleman talked about the coming Crisis of Capitalism.

1983 to 1987

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over four years

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In many of the underdeveloped countries, the ex-colonial countries, we are witnessing the Crisis of Capitalism pushing these countries back towards barbarism.

That is why we have higher levels of unemployment than the rest of Europe, the United States of America and other countries that are also suffering from the Crisis of Capitalism.

We are facing yet another Crisis of Capitalism.


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The Crisis of Capitalism introduced by the Government has reached all parts of the United Kingdom.


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The East German people have emblazoned in their memory the history of the war and the Fascism which was brought about by the Crisis of Capitalism after the first world war.

Do you think, Madam Deputy Speaker, that they will grasp that nettle when they realise that there is an international Crisis of Capitalism?

The hon. Member for Broadgreen believes that there is an international Crisis of Capitalism.

2001 to 2003

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The first obvious point one comes to when reading Karl Marx is that the revolution is taking some time to come because the "Crisis of Capitalism" appears to have been somewhat delayed.

It is true that we have not experienced the Crisis of Capitalism.

There has been a Crisis in Capitalism and there is a fundamental lack of trust in corporate behaviour, particularly in independent audits.

2011 to 2012

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That myth has been wholly exposed by the recent Crisis in Capitalism.

Until it can, disillusion with the political process will grow and Mr Galloway will continue to find a ready ear for his message that what we are witnessing is a Crisis of Capitalism in which the poor are expected to carry the can for the greed and mismanagement of the capitalist class.

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