Inevitable Crisis

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1932 - 2016

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1932 to 1935

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over three years

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I saw that the Inevitable Crisis was being forced upon us, because we could not for ever be paying out and not receiving.

In a country like Palestine, having a surplus of £1,500,000 on this year's Budget, using this available surplus would be a much more healthy form of development than following the old road, the constant borrowing of capital and ultimately having to face the Inevitable Crisis which that must cause.

It is that, despite warnings by a few Members of the House and by the Chancellor, the Government went on until the Inevitable Crisis came.

1947 to 1991

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over 44 years

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Our expenditure in Germany means that that credit will be running out - and this again was not foreseen by the negotiators - even more rapidly, and that we are drifting even more rapidly to the Inevitable Crisis.

The situation now, nine years after the war, was treated by the right hon. Gentleman as a fair subject of comparison with the Inevitable Crisis years immediately after the war.

When the Prime Minister tells us, as he did recently, that the pain is "regrettable but necessary," he is really saying that the economy is not in an Inevitable Crisis, and that this is not an act of God or fate, but that our problems are caused by Government-steered policy.

2005 to 2012

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over seven years

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Faced with the Inevitable Crisis at British Energy, the Government then proceeded to compound the damage by a financial reconstruction that has left our nuclear generator a lame duck.

We know how best to look after people who suffer with diabetes but too often we neglect basic, routine care and maintenance of the condition, seemingly waiting for the Inevitable Crisis to occur.

The Inevitable Crisis that has infected the eurozone, built on a false architecture, means that we all have to examine the perceived certainties that have widely prevailed in Brussels and elsewhere and reorder the structures that were questioned only by a small minority in the past.

2015 to 2016

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The failure of the EU to put together a strategy over the past few years to deal with an Inevitable Crisis is a very serious indictment of that organisation.

When the Inevitable Crisis happens, they will come with list of who they spoke to - they told the traders that this should not happen, but it did.

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