Inner Cities Crisis

Including: Crisis in the Inner Cities, Crisis in Inner Cities, Crisis in Our Inner Cities, Crisis of the Inner Cities

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1974 - 1988

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1974 to 1981

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over seven years

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I myself wrote in a book published last week which I warmly commend to the whole House:The environmental Crisis of the Inner Cities, affecting the poor much more than the rich, continues unabated.

It is to be seen more glaringly in the Inner Cities Crisis than in any other part of the country.

The Government should totally rethink their policies for London, because they are leading to increased unemployment, worse housing conditions and a serious Crisis in Our Inner Cities.

One is the Inner Cities Crisis, which is the subject of Lord Scarman's excellent report, and the other, which has been equally long-standing and is still with us in alarming proportions, is the prison crisis.

1982 to 1985

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over three years

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Those are the trends that have brought about the Crisis in the Inner Cities.

It makes many telling points and draws attention to the growing Crisis in Our Inner Cities, caused and much exacerbated by the Government's policies.


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Another cause is that the Government have recognised that the Crisis in the Inner Cities is becoming profoundly dangerous to the fabric of society.

We are still awaiting a legitimate, rational Government response to the Crisis in the Inner Cities.

Instead, in response to the Crisis in the Inner Cities, we have had only cuts in public sector investment, and that has been a major contribution to the crisis.


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In view of the Prime Minister's late conversion to a recognition of the Crisis in Inner Cities, will she now consider recent reports which argue that something like £82 billion will be necessary to overcome the problems of the inner cities?

Mr. Wray asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster what contingency plans Her Majesty's Government have in the event of failure of their appeal to private investors to help the Inner Cities Crisis.

Mr. Hood asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if, for the purposes of tackling the Inner Cities Crisis, he will make it his policy to consult church, environmental and housing organisations, local authorities and other members of the communities affected by such problems.


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What is the Minister going to do about the Crisis in the Inner Cities - not least in Salford?

As my hon. Friends have said, one cannot solve problems merely by throwing money at them, but taking away funds and resources as the Government have donehas made the problem much worse, so the Crisis of the Inner Cities is essentially created by the policies of the Government.

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