Liverpool Crisis

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1977 - 1997

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1977 to 1980

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Why do we have the Crisis in Liverpool?

I predicted some time ago during Environment Question Time that we would have a Crisis in Liverpool verging on New York proportions as we were likely to have a 40 per cent.

Indeed, the Minister has referredto the Liverpool Crisis or has recommended a report into its present financial problems, of which we shall no doubt hear more later.

1984 to 1985

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I make no apology at this late hour for raising once again that which has been described as the Crisis in Liverpool.

We are in a Crisis in Liverpool at the moment; we face a financial crisis that is worse than last year's crisis.

That is evident in some of the reporting of the Crisis in Liverpool.


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That is why there is now a major Crisis in Liverpool in local authority housing and the housing stock needs to be improved.

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