Sugar Crisis

Including: Recent Sugar Crisis, Serious Sugar Crisis, Present Sugar Crisis

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1930 - 1978

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1930 to 1931

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Dr. SHIELS: Requests for assistance in the Present Sugar Crisis have been received during the last month from Trinidad, Leeward Islands, St. Lucia, and British Guiana.

He went a long way round to say that the cause of the Present Sugar Crisis was really world over-production of sugar.

When I see in this Estimate that we are giving a grant-in-aid of the expenses of administration necessitated by a fall in revenue owing to the Sugar Crisis, and that a little later on I find that there is provision for expenditure for the relief of unemployment due to the present crisis, I ask myself what is the use of frittering away the taxpayers' money of this country on that kind of thing, tinkering with the mere fringe of the problem and not approaching a solution of the real problem.

1960 to 1977

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over 17 years

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Mr. Iain Macleod: No financial aid has been given in connection with the Sugar Crisis which arose solely out of a dispute between the cane growers' associations and the sugar millers in the Colony.

We are now shopping with an overdrawn bank account, in a short-supply situation, and without priority access to our former suppliers, who as the Recent Sugar Crisis so clearly demonstrated, now sell to the highest bidder.

The Sugar Crisis also directly hit the housewife's pocket.


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There was a Serious Sugar Crisis.

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