Nuclear Crisis

Including: This Nuclear Crisis, Ongoing Nuclear Crisis

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1960 - 2016

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1960 to 1983

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over 23 years

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I think it might be better if the Aldermaston marchers spent a little time pointing out to the Russians the true fact that the American leaders do, basically, want peace and to the American leaders the true fact that the Russian leaders do genuinely want peace, instead of stirring up the rather frenzied and hysterical atmosphere of Nuclear Crisis.

This is the first lesson of This Nuclear Crisis.

In a different, Nuclear Crisis, the government of an indefensible target country would need to be in the most constant communication with its emissaries in foreign capitals if the logic and inexorable momentum of war were not to take over.

1997 to 2013

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over 16 years

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Another moment of hope came in 1994, at the height of the Nuclear Crisis, when a summit meeting was planned between Presidents Kim Young Sam of the south and Kim I1 Sung of the north.

At home the government believes that the spirit of confrontation can help rebuild a badly damaged legitimacy, while the heightened preoccupation with the Nuclear Crisis can be used to convince Iranians that the west has no real interest in their human rights and democratic aspirations.

What specific actions will he be seeking from the Iranian regime and the newly elected Iranian President himself, in order for them to demonstrate in the months ahead a renewed commitment to resolving the Nuclear Crisis by peaceful and diplomatic means?

We welcome the election of President Rohani, but there are key steps he must now be prepared to take if the Ongoing Nuclear Crisis is to be resolved.


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The first question is how would America and France react if we suddenly announced that we were abandoning our nuclear capabilities but still expected them to put their cities at risk to protect us in a Nuclear Crisis.

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