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In today's edition of the Evening Standard—under the headline, "Passport Crisis: It's Your Fault", I found the Minister quoted as saying, "The difficulty is that millions of people are literally phoning up because of the panic that is going on, partly as a result, I have to say, of the reporting of this".

We, however, know why the Passports Crisis has happened.

The right hon. Gentleman's colleague, the Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, said last night of the Passport Crisis that the jobs of all Ministers - his, the Home Secretary's and those of every member of the Government - are on the line.

May we have an early statement from the Home Secretary to clarify Government proposals to resolve the escalating Passport Crisis?

Who can forget the Passports Crisis; the backlog of asylum applications which rose and rose and is still rising; the fiasco of the Home Secretary's completely misleading announcement on police numbers at his party conference; the fact that he completely forgot to include certain key parts in the prevention of terrorism legislation; and the utter farce of the spy-a-day revelations during the summer?


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She then said that the problem was an unprecedented increase in demand - the Home Secretary blames the Passport Crisis on people wanting passports.

I left the Passport Office in March 1999, and after it lost my services, there just happened to be a Passport Crisis that summer.

It is only thanks to Labour that we have had the chance to debate issues as crucial as the Passport Crisis and rising energy bills and rent.

We heard yesterday in the debate on the Passport Crisis of many constituents being misled about processing times.

In November 2012, he said that the Government were clearly failing to follow up on notifications of potential bogus students and that at the time of his inspection there was a backlog - or should we now, following the Passport Crisis, call it “work in progress”?

I give the current Minister a free pass: he will be asked about it when he appears before us on22 July, or possibly before, if the Passport Crisis is not sorted out very quickly.


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The Home Secretary will recall that working towards departure dates was a key strategy in dealing with last year's Passport Crisis.

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