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1987 - 2005

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1987 to 1990

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I welcome the opportunity of this Adjournment debate to discuss the Drugs Crisis and particularly its Welsh dimension, a crisis which the Select Committee on Home Affairs has rightly described asthe most serious peace-time threat to our national well being.

We have a Drugs Crisis on the horizon - I hope that I am not overstating the case - that will affect many parts of the country, especially the inner cities, the areas of deprivation and the ethnic communities.

Does the Secretary of State accept that commodity prices play a part in the Drugs Crisis?

1995 to 1996

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I cannot argue with much of the detail of the White Paper, but it does not begin to constitute an effective response to the Drugs Crisis that is engulfing some of our communities.

The Drug Crisis centre in Glasgow, which I visited recently, has performed a valuable and effective role since it was set up, and I wholeheartedly welcome that.

What proposals are contained in the White Paper for tackling the Drugs Crisis now gripping much of Britain, including our inner cities, particularly with regard to the national provision of drug treatment centres and guidance to GPs and pharmacies to prescribe methadone, thereby reducing hard drug dependency?

1997 to 2001

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over four years

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Will he provide an outline of the Government's plans to deal with the Drugs Crisis?

If the Government concentrate on the good things that they have done and really tackle the Drugs Crisis and forget the baubles in the shop window because of an impending election they shall have our support.

Until recently, I was chairman of a Drug Crisis agency, City Roads, a 24-hour pan-London facility to treat people in acute crisis.

2003 to 2005

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He was a general practitioner in Great Yarmouth and Kilburn, and during that time he developed a deep interest in and awareness of the Drugs Crisis and the plight of drug addicts.

We have a Drugs Crisis in this country.

During that time, he developed a deep interest in, and awareness of, the Drugs Crisis and the plight of drug addicts.

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