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Including: Or Immediate Crisis, Or Any Great Crisis, Difficult Or Crisis, Or Any Crisis

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1860 - 2016

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1860 to 1931

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over 71 years

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The Committee should bear in mind that that was not a time of war, Or Any Great Crisis, requiring the imposition of an income tax, or rather an addition being made to an existing income tax, but the alleged necessity for this addition arose from a deficit which had been artificially and intentionally created by Her Majesty's Government.

The highest weekly rate of emergency (Or Crisis) benefit payable is 2253 24.

05 33 11 * Emergency (Or Crisis) benefit in Germany is benefit paid, in Communes with more than 10,000 inhabitants, to unemployed persons who have exhausted their claim to 26 weeks' ordinary benefit.

1962 to 1992

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over 30 years

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I hope that my right hon. Friends the Minister of Health and the Secretary of State will not allow their colleagues, Or Any Crisis or any emergency, to budge them from the target which they have set themselves for hospital building by 1975.

Clearly, community care should provide a range of care services through which people may move, both in and out, and including as one of its parts in-patient care, whether short-term, respite Or Crisis care.

Mr. Burt: Income support is available to meet clay to day living expenses whilst budgeting Or Crisis loans may be awarded from the social fund for rent in advance.

1996 to 2011

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over 15 years

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Often, people in desperate straits cannot wait a week for an appointment to request help from the social fund, Or Crisis loans.

There is also a feeling that military operations in the future will be small-scale - like peace enforcement, peacekeeping, Or Crisis management - without people realising the complexity and danger of such operations.

However, there will be occasions when it will be right for the Government of the day to act quickly in response to a Difficult Or Crisis situation.

2013 to 2016

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over three years

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Every day I hear about constituents losing their jobs, or about benefits that have been delayed Or Crisis loans failing to appear.

Alongside that, where there is, to use the word of the noble Lord, “destitution”, Or Immediate Crisis, we are setting up the local support framework working with local authorities.

This is the biggest humanitarian disaster, Or Crisis, facing Europe since the second world war, and this Government choose to turn their back not just on geo-political reality and on our neighbours, but on the desperate children somehow existing in the camps and in the ditches up and down Europe.

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