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1938 - 2016

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1938 to 1966

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over 28 years

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and I think, from a purely economic point of view, it is a quite Unnecessary Crisis, because there is no evidence to show that we are in what is called a cyclical depression.

Public investment, it would seem, will continue to be cut arbitrarily and repeatedly to balance the fluctuations in unregulated private investment and to cover up the failures of the Government's other economic policies as they stumble along from one Unnecessary Crisis to another.

The action which, in fact, followed was clumsy and botched, and illustrated yet again this Government's talent for precipitating Unnecessary Crisis.

1968 to 1981

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over 13 years

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To sum up on the Ministerial aspect, although one is pleased at the outcome in this case, this has been, in a sense, an Unnecessary Crisis because I still believe that the Foreign Secretary could have saved the day far earlier by ordering an inquiry.

Those of the Tories were forced on them in an Unnecessary Crisis brought about by the massive failure of their industrial and energy policies.

However, it has been an Unnecessary Crisis created by the Government's obstinacy on the terms of the Bill which they have put on the statute book.

1986 to 1999

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The industry would have had sufficient problems without privatisation, but with privatisation and its stunning financial effect on British shipbuilders the industry has been forced into an Unnecessary Crisis.

That could give rise to an Unnecessary Crisis.

Of course, the Government could do that if some of the £1 billion put aside for restructuring pay were used to avert an Unnecessary Crisis, as local authority employers have suggested.

2000 to 2016

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over 16 years

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As we all know, sometimes an Unnecessary Crisis is sparked off because A was told about something before B. Would it not be wise to have a structure in place to ensure that no crisis occurs before someone's attention is distracted at the wrong moment?

I hope that this can be rectified, because we know that small problems can quickly snowball into Unnecessary Crisis.

I also want to praise the outstanding efforts of all the staff involved in trying to support This Unnecessary Crisis, and in particular Martin Barkley for providing the leadership as the chief executive of TEWV.

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