Prolonged Crisis

Including: This Prolonged Crisis

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1960 - 2006

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1960 to 1978

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over 18 years

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Throughout This Prolonged Crisis, our objectives have remained the same.

The reason for the Prolonged Crisis has, above all, been the inability of the Government to cope with a crisis of their own making.

of normal consumption, and propose further targets in the case of a Prolonged Crisis.

1979 to 1998

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over 19 years

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There is general agreement that if Friday comes with no successful initiative being taken, we face a Prolonged Crisis of continued non-publication and a protracted dispute, which could escalate throughout the company and into other parts of the British newspaper industry.

I have heard no way of solving the Prolonged Crisis that mounts by the day in Hong Kong while Opposition Members procrastinate.

It became a Prolonged Crisis because the initial policy responses were more suitable for over-extended pubic sectors than for over-exposed private sectors.

2001 to 2006

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over five years

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That is the worst feature of what is now a Prolonged Crisis.

Farmers are already doing their utmost to help themselves through the Prolonged Crisis, but dairy co-operatives are another valid way forward.

A more Prolonged Crisis, which raised the question of whether the election should be postponed, would, and should, be a case for emergency legislation.

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