Her Crisis

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1843 - 2015

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1843 to 1931

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over 88 years

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I will support her at this Crisis in Her just and reasonable claims to the independent jurisdiction and the rights possessed by her people in the appointment of her ministers, which I find 415 recorded in her Constitution, and of which no aw must be suffered to deprive her".

Germany's struggle was now our struggle, Her Crisis our crisis.

It seems to me that Britain in Her Crisis is being asked to turn her face to the wall and to give up like an old woman who knows that she has to die.

1947 to 1965

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over 18 years

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The pains certainly became more acute once war was declared, and had it not been for the blood transfusion that Doctor America infused into her, in 1941, it is certainly true to say that Her Crisis in 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945 would have been greater than the crisis which the old lady is passing through at this moment.

They wistfully thought that it was he who would save England in Her Crisis, and they now feel that he has failed them.

From where we stand today it seems as if Sir Winston had been moulded and preserved by fate to lead Britain in Her Crisis.

1968 to 2015

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over 47 years

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The test of any action that we take or recommend should be whether it will assist Gibraltar to meet Her Crisis, and whether it will contribute to her long-term well being.

Yesterday a project officer received a phone call from one of the women as she needed to collect Her Crisis loan payment by 4.

While on the waiting list to receive treatment, Her Crisis escalated rapidly and she had to be admitted.

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