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1844 - 2009

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1844 to 1909

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over 65 years

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When he said that all the Ameers had been implicated, he omitted only the question of degree; for there was evidence to show that even Ali Morad and Meer Sobdar, of whom in the universal hostility which prevailed they were accustomed to speak of as friends of the British Government from the comparative veniality of their overt acts, were in reality but a shade (if even a shade) removed from our enemies; that they were all along cognizant of their intentions, and shared in their counsels, and that it was only on the eve of the explosion that Ali Morad, from motives of self-interest, detached himself from our enemies at Khyrpoor, whilst at the Same Crisis Meer Sobdar, from imbecility if not inclination, joined actively with our foes at Hyderabad.

But they would be face to face again with the Same Crisis within the next fortnight or three weeks, when the additional contribution which the corporation had voted would be exhausted; and what they felt was that, having regard to the fact that they raised so much more money than any other place, it would be extremely difficult to get still further ocal subscriptions.

I was much struck by reading the articles in one or two of the papers to this effect, that it was singular to see England going through exactly the Same Crisis, and the same discussions that they went through in Canada, I think it was in 1894.

1911 to 1931

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over 20 years

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In 1835 the situation nearly led to the Same Crisis which we unfortunately have to face to-day.

In the first place, I think that he mistakes expansion for inflation; and, in the second place, the safeguards which are erected in this Bill would, in my opinion, be entirely valueless if anything like the Same Crisis were to occur in the future which brought about inflation in the past.

Budget, whose figures on paper balance now, will be entirely useless, and we shall within a few months—how many, it would be very difficult to say—be faced again with exactly the Same Crisis that faced us, a few weeks ago.

Exactly the Same Crisis, on the same question, arose in the autumn of 1919.

1933 to 1956

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over 23 years

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The two questions are joint questions, springing from the Same Crisis and arising from the same Budget.

If we meet the Same Crisis again we might well want that same quick switch-over from those same skilled craftsmen.

Now, nine years later, after four years of easier living, in easier conditions, after four years' squandering of the harvest that those measures made possible we are back again - eleven years after the war - facing the Same Crisis.

1962 to 1969

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over seven years

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But that does not mean that This Same Crisis - or another crisis like it, or worse - will not occur again soon.

And if we do get one, will it end in the Same Crisis we have had time after time in the last twelve years?

A few days later, when hire-purchase restrictions were brought to the Same Crisis level as in 1966, she dismissed that with the phrase "Just a touch on the tiller".

1972 to 1984

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over 12 years

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They will be faced with exactly the Same Crisis as occurred with the C.E.G.B.

In all western European countries there is the Same Crisis with the same difficult conditions and decisions having to be faced.

Does the Minister agree with the British ambassador in Addis Ababa that long-term help is necessary if the Same Crisis is not to be repeated year after year?

1986 to 1987

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It would be unfair not to recognise that the Same Crisis is occurring in NEI in the north-east.

Is there enough in the Bill to give us a strong assurance that the Same Crisis will not be upon us again?

If the clause is included and if the Bill is passed, we will see the Same Crisis hitting the primary care system as we see developing in hospitals.

1992 to 1994

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We must not allow the situation to arise again by rejoining the exchange rate mechanism in two or three years' time at a lower level, and recreate the Same Crisis.

Even if there were no cap for small councils this year, Harlow would be facing the Same Crisis - a massive 55 per cent.

I urge my hon. Friend to look at that issue in the new year to prevent the Same Crisis from arising in 1995.

1995 to 1998

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over three years

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Hospital staff and consultants who provide acute care are spending inordinate amounts of time on the telephone trying to find beds, and we know that the Same Crisis exists in the mental health and psychiatric spheres.

Ultimately, however, I can only wonder why, time after time, the Same Crisis sneaks up on us.

This is the Same Crisis that has affected the strength of the pound, and damaged United Kingdom manufacturing and exports.


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The thought of losing our livestock industry and being dependent on imports--and other countries might suffer the Same Crisis--is awful.

any state—any European country—could be the next to suffer the Same Crisis as us.

The European Union must recognise the risks for everyone's economy in current trading conditions; any state - any European country - could be the next to suffer the Same Crisis as us.

2002 to 2006

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over four years

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Each year, the Same Crisis and the same problems seem to arise.

Can she say whether the Same Crisis is occurring among other neighbours of Zimbabwe, with the possibility that minds might be altered by that?

Staffordshire is about to be precipitated into exactly the Same Crisis unless the lesson of the Mersey regional ambulance service is learned and at last the Government listen to the speeches, sincere and full of integrity, of hon. Members on both sides of the House.


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On the banking system, we need to learn lessons and understand why the Canadian banks have not gone through the Same Crisis as UK banks.

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