South Atlantic Crisis

Including: Crisis in the South Atlantic

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1982 - 1991

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Who would have believed that on the third anniversary of the Government the House would be almost completely dominated by the Crisis in the South Atlantic?

I believe that I speak for every hon. Member and for every person in Britain when I say that, whatever our political views, whatever our views about the ultimate solution to the Crisis in the South Atlantic, we pray that this dispute can be settled without any more loss of life on either side.

Fears were voiced in many quarters that Israel, under its present extraordinary leadership, would use the Crisis in the South Atlantic to cover further military measures against its Arab neighbours.

1983 to 1991

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over eight years

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Those workers made a considerable contribution during the Crisis in the South Atlantic, and we look to the Minister to ensure that their future is protected in every possible way.

Over the past 10 years our relations with Argentina have been severely strained as a result of the South Atlantic Crisis in 1982 We should record our high regard for President Menem's political courage in putting our disagreement over the Falklands to one side in order to re-establish the long-standing warm relationship between our two countries.

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