Such a Financial Crisis

Including: Such a Terrible Financial Crisis, Such a Great Financial Crisis

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1876 - 2010

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1876 to 1933

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over 57 years

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] He was not aware of it; but no Government whatever, coming into office after Such a Great Financial Crisis, with a languishing trade, and a Revenue flowing in in a less copious stream than it had done before, could have been expected to make a large remission of taxation.

There is nothing grossly unjust in appearance in such a thing as that when we are face to face with Such a Financial Crisis and such necessity for saving as confronts the country and the Government at the present time.

In our view that is the situation, as respects the debtor countries of the world, which Great Britain is being called upon to face up to, in a fashion which may ultimately land us in Such a Financial Crisis that none of us can foresee the end.

1939 to 1976

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over 37 years

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If, as I suspect, there are hon. Members to whom a deduction of £12 out of £600 is a serious matter, and if Such a Financial Crisis ever arose again, you would have to maintain the hon. Member in the fund, otherwise those who are getting their pensions would not know where they were, and such a deduction would become still more serious at a time like that.

I strongly object, at a time like this when the nation is faced with Such a Financial Crisis, to this immense remission of taxation, and especially to the remission of Income Tax.

How can the Government tell the people of Acton that we are in Such a Financial Crisis that the hospital building and school building programmes must be cut, and yet tell them that the borough must provide sites for gipsies?

2003 to 2010

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over seven years

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As well as looking urgently at the need to bring new investment to the Leigh economy, may I urge the Minister to do all that he can to speed up redundancy payments for local families who have been left in Such a Terrible Financial Crisis?

If he is not making that absurd suggestion, will he accept that he cannot promise that Such a Financial Crisis will not occur again with these arrangements in place?

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