Bank Crisis

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1999 - 2012

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1999 to 2003

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As chairman of the all-party Latin America group, I wish to know whether there will be a statement next week - possibly froni a Treasury Minister - about the implications of the Bank Crisis in Brazil.

When he came to power in 1933, and faced a slump based partly on a Bank Crisis and panic, the first thing that he did was to declare a bank holiday - a pause from selling and running.


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During the course of this year, we will see that we are far from the end of the road in sorting out the Crisis in the Banks.

Many companies are struggling to finance themselves because of the Crisis in the Banks.

We wanted to help people understand how the stabilisation options would work and what factors the Government would bear in mind when considering which option to use to deal with a Bank Crisis.

2011 to 2012

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There are issues such as energy and climate change, our dealings with north Africa and the financial Crisis in the Banks, which are cross-border in nature.

I can compare the scale on which private energy companies have managed to privatise profits but nationalise losses only with the Recent Bank Crisis.

Even before the Bank Crisis struck, the UK had the highest budget deficit in the G7.

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