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1960 - 2007

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1960 to 1982

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over 22 years

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My hon. and learned Friend the Member for Warwick and Leamington (Mr. Hobson) mentioned, and I respectfully agree with what he said, that it is in the urban areas of this country where public disquiet at the current Crisis of Crime is greatest.

He said: "If any attempt is made to fob off the police at this time of crisis"— He had the Crisis of Crime in mind, not the financial crisis—— "with a diluted pay award in which we are sacrificial lambs on the altar of an incomes policy, no one on this National Executive of the Police Federation will be prepared to take responsibility for what will happen to the police of this country.

Until that increase is reversed, the Crime Crisis will continue.

1986 to 1995

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over nine years

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The crime figures for England and Wales for the first six months of this year show that the Crime Crisis in worsening.

Our manifesto discussed what we called Crime Crisis areas, which should be defined by the police community liaison committees and the police authorities working with chief constables.

That is why those tinkering knee-jerk measures go nowhere near far enough to tackle the Crime Crisis that affects Scotland today.

2000 to 2007

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over seven years

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Yet it was reported only last Monday in the Belfast Telegraph that Northern Ireland is about to experience a Crime Crisis.

He says: "This document sets out what the Conservative party would do in Government to tackle Britain's Crime Crisis".

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