Workforce Crisis

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2015 - 2016

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Investment in primary care has definitely fallen behind, and a Workforce Crisis is emerging.


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” Given the staffing shortages in the NHS, the Government should seek to improve the terms and conditions of employment for nurses, to reward their invaluable work in extremely difficult circumstances and to incentivise more people to enter the profession, rather than exacerbating the Workforce Crisis as they have done in recent years and as the proposed funding changes will do in future.

The Workforce Crisis is made worse because of the brain drain, with emergency medicine trainees being attracted to other parts of the world that often have very good working conditions.

We are already in the middle of a Workforce Crisis, so the last thing we need is more doctors leaving.

What about the Crisis in the Workforce?

One would have no idea that hospital finances are at breaking point, waiting lists are approaching a record high, and the NHS is facing a Workforce Crisis with endemic understaffing and broken morale.

They need security, not just now, but in the long term, because the Workforce Crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS.

” In addition, there is a Workforce Crisis, with 15% of clinical posts vacant in some parts of London and a shocking £3.

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