Temporary Crisis

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1849 - 2009

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1849 to 1883

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over 34 years

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It has ever since been ardently desired by the people; and it was repealed twenty-two years after it had been the law of the land, in order to meet a Temporary Crisis and danger, which has long and for ever passed away.

but he thought all objections of that kind would be met if the Bill were made a temporary Bill, intended to meet a Temporary Crisis, which he hoped would not occur again.

This was a Temporary Crisis; and one of the best proofs of that was that the Government had been getting rid of the small fry—the unfortunate policemen and the marines—who had been dismissed without the slightest ceremony; and he did not see why these gentlemen, who only differed from them in the amount of their salaries, should not be treated with just as little ceremony.

1911 to 1921

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over 10 years

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But that is only a temporary expedient for a Temporary Crisis, and I think he will acknowledge that we should get the matter properly adjusted.

Now that my hon. Friend understands that this is a temporary ad hoc arrangement to meet a Temporary Crisis, perhaps he will not think it necessary to follow up his speech by asking the Committee to divide.

economy, and to induce the country to deal with a Temporary Crisis by, let us hope, the temporary sacrifice of services which are in themselves useful, it is impossible for the process of economy to be effected unless the opinion of the nation as a whole, as represented in this House, is behind the Government.

1926 to 1929

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over three years

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An extra hour only affects the miner himself, and I can quite conceive that many miners will say that rather than have a lower standard of living for the family they are prepared to work, during This Temporary Crisis, for a, longer period of half-an-hour or an hour, as the case may be.

It may go through a Temporary Crisis, and in that case there may be, and probably is, a case for temporary assistance out of public funds.

As I have already suggested, every scheme that is now before us, or has been before us, is based on the assumption that this is a Temporary Crisis which will pass away, and that when we get into the golden years, say five years hence, there will be such an abundance of work that we shall not have men to do the ordinary bridge-making that we are proposing to undertake at the moment.

1931 to 1932

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Our position is fundamentally sound, sounder than that of any other country in the world, and all that is required is an effort to get over the Present Temporary Crisis, and that can be done without any very great efforts.

But the measures which are being taken are only measures which will meet the Temporary Crisis.

Mr. HENRY HASLAM: The hon. Gentleman gave us his first reason for bringing the Bill to a close in five years that it was to meet a Temporary Crisis.

1936 to 1949

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over 13 years

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In war time, however, there will be the additional and very real danger of the Fleet being deprived of its Air Arm because there happens to exist a Temporary Crisis elsewhere; important operations may have taken place on shore where there has been great wastage and destruction of planes and pilots, from the personnel of the Royal Air Force.

He would see in Berlin a situation which has been dealt with by an extraordinary miracle of improvisation which has solved the Temporary Crisis, but which cannot be regarded as a permanency - and which, indeed, if it becomes permanent becomes perilously near appeasement.

We did not seek to bring back a collection of expedients which could be added up to a solution of a Temporary Crisis.

1951 to 1952

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We support, with such qualifications as I have mentioned, the measures taken, but we do insist on positive, forward action designed to solve our food problems beyond This Temporary Crisis.

I urge the House to take the view that this is not a Temporary Crisis.

But we cannot ask working people to make so great an advance in ideas unless they are made to feel that they are doing it not merely to meet a Temporary Crisis, not merely to enable some other section of society to live a little more comfortably, but are doing it in order to create a better and more just kind of society.

1953 to 1961

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over eight years

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They always seem to imagine that the industry is about to emerge from a Temporary Crisis, but the film industry is not in a temporary crisis.

Everybody thinks that the problem arises out of temporary causes, and that it is a Temporary Crisis.

I have indicated before that I do not believe that this is a Temporary Crisis.

1963 to 1964

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This has produced the result that to get marginal increases in the amount of money that has been put into this country so as to tide us over a Temporary Crisis we permanently pay huge additional interest on much vaster sums than the small marginal sums involved.

We must hope and work for an improvement in the world situation to such a level as to be able to carry out our commitments with regular forces, backed by an increased ability to recall reservists if we hit Any Temporary Crisis.

This is not a question of a Temporary Crisis.

1965 to 1971

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over six years

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The question which we must pose to the Government is what connection existed in their minds between the Temporary Crisis which brought forth those July measures and the permanence of this Bill.

Nor is the Bill one designed merely to deal with a Temporary Crisis.

At a time when the courts face a Temporary Crisis of overloading and a major upheaval, experience and expertise will be at a premium.

1975 to 1980

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over five years

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We hope that this is a Temporary Crisis, which requires only temporary provisions.

The Temporary Crisis passed, but the crisis of delicacy never passed.

He described how the community helped Sittingbourne hospital survive a Temporary Crisis.

I believe, sincerely and fervently, in the need to stop imprisoning fine and maintenance defaulters and in a system of early release, but we should legislate properly at our leisure and not impose panic measures to deal with what is necessarily a Temporary Crisis for which the Home Secretary must bear a great deal of responsibility.

1981 to 1985

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over four years

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I would have been far happier facing my Conservative association with the explanation of the need for a Temporary Crisis rise in income tax rates - which would have been necessary to raise the allowances, to do without the indirect tax increases, and to allow £800 million or so off the national insurance surcharge - than I shall be explaining the postponement of the end of the slump and the threat of an upturn in prices as well as the blow to the hopes of industry.

As the hon. Member for Flint, East said, it is the prospect of continually rising unemployment with little break, increased by further redundancies as a result of technological development, that makes youth unemployment not merely a Temporary Crisis but a pervasive and terrifying potential tragedy.

If the talks in the International Tin Council do not stabilise the situation, the Government would be justified in giving special temporary assistance to enable them to withstand This Temporary Crisis.

If the talks in the International Tin Council do not stabilise the situation, the Government would be justified in giving special temporary assistance to enable them to withstand this Temporary Crisis.

1987 to 1990

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over three years

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If the Government genuinely believe that this is a temporary Bill to overcome a Temporary Crisis, why have they in both Houses refused amendments from my hon. Friends and insisted on retaining that power of continuation?

My advice was that growth should continue and that the Government should continue with their policy of a balanced budget, but that they should make the banking system more liquid to see us through the Temporary Crisis.

The guild has a Temporary Crisis.

1995 to 2009

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over 14 years

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That may be valuable in helping to resolve a Temporary Crisis.

This is not a Temporary Crisis; it will be with us for at least another decade.

The recent report of the Eminent Jurists Panel on Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights warned of the corrosive effect of open-ended departures from ordinary procedures and of the danger of special measures, introduced to deal with a Temporary Crisis, becoming permanent.

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