Time Crisis

Including: Crisis of Our Time, Crisis in the Present Time, Crisis of Time, Crisis of the Present Time, Crisis of the Time, Crisis in Time

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1869 - 2016

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1869 to 1914

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over 45 years

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The future of the House of Lords is one of great hope as regards its stability, and the wisdom of your Lordships at this particular Crisis of Time in dealing with its constitution will decide how far the power of this House shall remain intact, or how far it shall sink before the advancing power of the House of Commons.

They feel that they have come to a great Crisis in the Present Time.

But this is possibly the greatest Crisis of Our Time, and even if there were reason to think that other polls might follow, yet the Government might well take this course as the easiest method of arriving at a decision.

1930 to 1947

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over 17 years

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At the present moment in industry, although some hon. Members may laugh at it, we are facing a peace-Time Crisis which is just as great and just as real as any war-time crisis that we had to face.

I cannot help seeing this industry, not only in the light of the national necessity and the Crisis of the Present Time, but in the light in which I have seen it in Liverpool for so many years - in the years of depression and unemployment which pass so slowly one after another - -and I hope that we shall be able not only to deal triumphantly with the difficulties of the war, but to put the industry on a basis which in the time that may succeed the war will avoid these periods of depression and unemployment which have affected so dread fully all sections of the industry during the last few years.

It has been running through the speeches that because in time of war it may be justifiable to grant wide powers of this nature, therefore they are proper when we come to a Crisis in Time of peace.

I would also point out that some hon. Members seem to think that there is no real difference between a Crisis in Time of war and a crisis in time of peace.

1952 to 1956

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over four years

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The present Government will not be judged on that fact - which they could not control - but upon the way they deal with the Crisis of the Present Time.

but this is not like a war-Time Crisis, where the essential saving required is that of manpower.

I hope he will agree to give that time early in the Session so that we shall not later have a Crisis of Time.

1957 to 1981

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over 24 years

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Britain has won all her victories in the past by acting nationally, alone, or with an alliance obtained in the Crisis of the Time.

It has been a grave mistake on the part of the Government- and I think that they did this largely because they were panicked into it last summer by the economic Crisis of the Time - to exaggerate this argument.

No one can doubt the capacity of the British people to respond to a national Crisis in Time of war, but history warns us that it is less easy to ask them to pay a heavy premium to insure against war in time of peace.

1985 to 2006

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over 21 years

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If this programme of enterprise promotion, training and job counselling is followed, I have no doubt that Swindon and the railway workers can survive this Crisis in Time.

When one considers the proposals for housing, one sees a pattern and set of proposals that in no way even begin to address the Crisis of the Time.

The situation in Darfur is possibly the greatest humanitarian Crisis of Our Time.

2011 to 2016

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over five years

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You could then craft it to the particular Crisis of the Time.

The UN Secretary-General has described the refugee situation in Jordan and Lebanon as “the worst humanitarian Crisis of Our Time.

The war has not only sparked the greatest humanitarian Crisis of Our Time, but has exposed a region, already destabilised, to becoming one where chaos reigns freely on the ground.

Traditionally, sterling devaluation every now and then helped us out of the Crisis of the Time, but each sterling devaluation has had less effect than the last one.

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