Autumn Crisis

Including: This Autumn Crisis, Crisis in Autumn, Crisis in the Autumn, Crisis of This Autumn, Crisis of the Autumn

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1932 - 2009

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1932 to 1934

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As hon. Members know, however, the financial Crisis of the Autumn supervened, and the House which had risen in August, intent upon the Sunday Cinema Bill, returned in September with far graver matters to face.

The emergency reductions in the salaries of the Law Officers, consequent upon the Crisis in the Autumn of 1931, will be restored, as to one-half, on 1st July next.


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If the Financial Secretary will refer to the explanation of the charges contained in this supplementary Estimate, he will find the following words used:… the remaining half of the abatements of the emoluments of Ministers and Civil Servants consequent upon the Crisis in the Autumn of 1931.

Let us look at it again:half of the appointments of the emoluments of Ministers and Civil Servants consequent upon the Crisis in the Autumn of 1931.

That was indeed referred by many people as a crisis, and it is quite impossible that anyone either with the Scottish parentage or the legal training of the hon. Gentleman could possibly have referred to that as a Crisis in the Autumn.

4748), dealing with the method of provision by Parliament in the financial year 1934 to meet the charges arising out of the withdrawal as from 1st July, 1934, of half the abatements of the emoluments of Ministers and Civil Servants consequent upon the Crisis in the Autumn of 1931.

1940 to 1957

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over 17 years

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Of our present construction programme, I think we can say that the speed was good and that we made admirable progress up to the time of the Crisis in the Autumn, although we were slowed up thereafter.

In 1949 when there was an Autumn Crisis in sterling there were serious and rapid developments in the external position.

It is not a question of United Kingdom balance of payments that has caused This Autumn Crisis, but a question of confidence in the sterling area.

He referred to my right hon. Friend the Chancellor and talked of errors of judgment - and "lack of candour" was a phrase he used when comparing the situation of the spring and summer with the Crisis of This Autumn.

1958 to 1960

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There was nothing in today's Budget about the closing of this gap and we may find ourselves faced with an Autumn Crisis as the result of which there will have to be an autumn Budget.

The note issue, which some people think is an indicator of excessive internal purchasing power, was £2,055 million in August, 1957, before the Autumn Crisis, and it is now not quite so much, but relatively high at £2,008 million.

If it turns out later this summer that credit and import policies are inadequate to check this slide into deficit, I should be prepared, rather than to face an Autumn Crisis, to accept a higher Profits Tax -I am saying this to the President of the Board of Trade, in particular - a capital gains tax, more drastic measures against evasion, and a complete withdrawal of the initial allowance on cars.

It has been put on at a time when, despite the welcome signs of improving investment, the new investment in manufacturing industry is still below that of the early part of 1957, when it was still suffering from the effects of the cuts imposed by the right hon. Member for Monmouth in the Autumn Crisis of 1957.

1961 to 1964

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To attract hot money to the country will not, in the long run, be a solution of our difficulties and may well get us into severe trouble in any Crisis in the Autumn.

The Government had learned so much that they gave away £155 million - I for bear to mention what year that was - and, of course, it was followed by a Crisis in the Autumn.

The Chancellor, no doubt, was apprehensive of an Autumn Crisis.

He said:You would think they really look forward to a gloat at the possibility of an economic Crisis in the Autumn.

1965 to 1978

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over 13 years

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, production up, stock-building down and the terms of trade turning in our favour, I wondered if the Prime Minister and hon. and right hon. Gentlemen opposite are now reflecting that they might have saved themselves considerable anxiety and the country a Budget like this - and an Autumn Crisis involving the value of the £- had they not held up to ridicule similar statements made by my right hon. Friend the Member for Barnet (Mr. Maudling).

The deflationary attitudes and actions which the Government have taken may be too late, and it may be we shall have another Crisis in the Autumn.

It was dangerous because the whole tone of the Chancellor's speech, and particularly his somewhat oily broadcast to the nation the same evening, suggested that our economy was on the mend when we may well be facing an economic Crisis in the Autumn.

1983 to 2009

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over 26 years

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It is no secret that at the time of the previous so-called sterling Crisis in the Autumn of 1981 the Government moved their monetary policy on to a rather wider base.

The day after the statement, a colleague contacted the Government to say that as a result of the way the issue had been fumbled in the House, we could expect a violent summer and a political Crisis in the Autumn, which is precisely what happened.

To conclude, I wish to take the House back to the start of the current financial Crisis in Autumn 2007, when Ministers attacked Northern Rock for having a so-called "flawed business model".

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