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1870 - 2016

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1870 to 1871

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My Lords, if that is done, I trust we shall pass through this great Crisis in Europe without injury to ourselves or those nations which are, fortunately, out of the arena of conflict.

He thought, and he believed the Government would agree with him, that, in the presence of a great Crisis in Europe, the whole truth should be known, and no ground should be left for supposing that we were not in a proper state of military preparation.

No one had a greater desire for the maintenance of peace than he had; but still he wanted that men should have the pluck and courage to speak out their opinions; and that we should not stand by, perfectly indifferent when a great Crisis in Europe was occurring.

1888 to 1932

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over 44 years

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I certainly will not attempt to give him the "straight tip" as to what is going to happen in this terrible Crisis in Europe.

He had heard that some bought farms, and it was a monstrous thing that, where the population was decreasing at the rate of 40,000 a year, where the greatest economical Crisis in Europe existed, the right hon. Gentleman should turn out several thousand men in the prime of life, with good salaries, to compete with the people for every bit of bread in the district.

Mr. EDEN: I regret that it is impossible for me at the moment to make any statement about the proposals which will be discussed at Lausanne with reference to the economic Crisis in Europe.


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Purely from the debating point of view, the Opposition are at this moment in a position of some difficulty because the mind and the view of so many people in the nation are clouded over by the feeling of impending Crisis in Europe, but the more we look at it from that point of view the more we are convinced that we are right when we say that the whole question of what is required in the armaments policy depends upon the foreign policy of the Government.

If we are really going to get peace in the present Crisis in Europe, it will only come by political means.

I cannot see that his observations at this particular juncture can have any other effect than that of prolonging this ghastly war, and still worse the effect of severing us from France at a moment of very grave international Crisis in Europe.

1937 to 1950

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over 13 years

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If there should be - which God forbid - a Crisis in Europe, it is much more likely to come within the next two years than within the next five or six years, and all our long-term plans must take that point into consideration.

There is not only a Crisis in Europe, but there is a crisis of the very first magnitude within the British Empire, and the Members of this House do not seem to be very specially interested in it.

It might be asked of us, "How can you judge without the fullest information whether the United Nations, the United States, and Great Britain are strong enough to resist Communist aggression in the Far East when that resistance may conceivably bring about a major Crisis in Europe?

We have noticed criticisms by M. Spaak, the prominent Socialist, in an address at Chatham House on Monday last in which he said that the Crisis of Europe in 1950 was due to the fact that the hopes of 1949 in Europe had been disappointed by the British attitude.

1959 to 1961

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Secondly, we must be clear in our minds that the perpetual Crisis in Europe - because that is what it is - is basically not military but political.

[That this House views with increasing distress the deepening Crisis in Europe concerning Berlin, declares its conviction that there are no factors in the situation which are not capable of being resolved by negotiation conducted in good faith, deplores therefore the unnecessary bellicosity with which the controversy is being conducted, declares that the de facto recognition of East Germany can no longer be reasonably withheld, and calls upon Her Majesty's Government to take a positive and constructive initiative to end the present anomalous status of Berlin and place the independence of the inhabitants of West Berlin and free access thereto not upon the obsolete military occupation clauses of the Potsdam agreement but upon the firm and stable foundations of treaty rights negotiated in the light of the realistic facts.

from running down, and, therefore, to make our contribution in this way to the Crisis in Europe, I reckon that we shall have to hold about 15,000.

1962 to 1964

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The fact remains that there is a Crisis in Europe.

It is because of the sudden impact of a Crisis in Europe at a time when our recruiting figures are mounting and the run-out is going at full speed that we must take steps to safeguard the situation.

The Crisis in Europe will be followed by complete economic insolvency and industrial catastrophe ".

1966 to 1968

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A major Crisis in Europe, resulting in a N.A.T.O.

But, as I pointed out in a debate three or four months ago, it is at a time of Crisis in Europe that we do not want to start shifting troops from this country to Europe or we shall aggravate the situation.

Since long before the war, since I was a youth, every Crisis in Europe has been a crisis of money and not a crisis of production.

1973 to 1980

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over seven years

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As the Home Secretary well knows, there is a growing Crisis in Europe caused by the uninhibited free movement of labour into and within it.

If the economic Crisis in Europe gets worse and becomes a political crisis, we shall be in a sorry state throughout the free world.

It is not just a far distant country, which we can ignore because we face no local Crisis in Europe.

1983 to 1984

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Given the scenario of an inability to react to events - the marked feature of what occurred in March 1982 was inaction and indecision - what assurances have we received that that would not recur if there were a Crisis in Europe?

If that is the position, will the Government create a major constitutional Crisis in Europe, or will they, yet again, accept a humiliating climb-down?

Some figures about shipping requirements in the event of a Crisis in Europe are freely available in America - though not perhaps in this country.

1992 to 1995

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over three years

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Yugoslavia is a Crisis in Europe and for Europe.

It is not to our credit as a House that we have devoted so little time to debating the most serious Crisis in Europe since the second world war.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the hon. Gentleman's colleagues in the Fresh Start group may not yet have created a Crisis in Europe, but they have most certainly created one in the Conservative party.

1999 to 2001

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As the hon. Member for South-West Devon (Mr. Streeter) rightly said, we are facing the most acute Crisis in Europe since 1945.

His policy will plainly produce a Crisis in Europe.

The building up of an alternative to automatic American and British involvement in a future Crisis in Europe is putting back together the devil's brew that led to two world wars.

2003 to 2005

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If they escalate as a result of a lack of accountability and scrutiny, if the safety valves of the national Parliaments are taken away - as they are - by the progress of European integration towards a European constitution, and if the democratic deficit continues to increase, there is no doubt that there will be a serious political Crisis in Europe.

There is no doubt that the present Crisis in Europe is one of more than usual gravity.

Indeed, we must not say that the current Crisis in Europe is a currency crisis, but we should look at what has been reduced to a contest between this country and France.

2006 to 2008

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Earlier this week, a small Crisis in Europe was averted when the Cypriots gave way and allowed the accession negotiations with Turkey to complete chapter 1 - an uncontroversial chapter relating to science and research.

He said that the Opposition parties' purpose was to defeat this Bill in order specifically to cause a constitutional Crisis in Europe, which is what they want.

However, does the Foreign Secretary accept that this need not be a Crisis in Europe, and Europe need not descend into constitutional turmoil?

The other issue relating to the economic Crisis in Europe is the position of the euro, and the right hon. Member for Richmond, Yorks had some fun on that point.

2009 to 2010

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The Crisis in Europe between 1914 and 1945 is a subject that has interested me all my adult life.

I am sorry that the media do not give as much attention to the subject as it deserves, because we are in a Crisis in Europe - a vortex that could turn into a maelstrom if people do not get their act together and start renegotiating seriously for an association of nation states with the characteristics that I have described.

She made some important points this afternoon about the euro and the genuine Crisis in Europe, as did my hon. Friendthe Member for Luton North (Kelvin Hopkins).

My right hon. Friend portrays so accurately the realities that lie behind this Bill, which is about the economic Crisis in Europe as well as many other matters.


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We have faced for some time now an economic Crisis in Europe, but none of the measures - including the 2020 strategy, which will be no more successful than the Lisbon agenda, which had to be abandoned - will make any substantial difference to the mistakes and distortions associated with the European Union as it now is which continue to affect the United Kingdom.

We have faced for some time now an economic Crisis in Europe, but none of the measures-including the 2020 strategy, which will be no more successful than the Lisbon agenda, which had to be abandoned-will make any substantial difference to the mistakes and distortions associated with the European Union as it now is that continue to affect the United Kingdom.

There is a serious Crisis in Europe, but the response is about the nature of a treaty, something in which this Government are acquiescing-it is not far short of appeasement.

If over-severe conditions are imposed, we will have another Crisis in Europe.

There are two aspects to the current financial Crisis in Europe: sovereign debt and bank liquidity.

In circumstances where the American economy is clearly in difficulty and we have Crisis in Europe, are the Government going to continue to pursue a strategy which will take us headlong into recession, with the price being paid by middle England and low-income families if that occurs?

Given the current economic Crisis in Europe, does the Prime Minister believe that the Europe 2020 strategy still has a future as a successor to the Lisbon benchmarks, and is he confident that we will achieve those shared goals?

This fantasy of a European Union and how it has developed through the existing treaties is the reason why we have the Crisis in Europe as a whole.


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The existing treaties, which cover 70% of our legislation here in the UK, have failed and are the root cause of the Crisis in Europe.

The only remedy that is provided in this time of economic and, I submit, political Crisis in Europe is more Europe, not less.

The most serious threat to the UK's national interests is the most serious economic Crisis in Europe's post-war history.

Does my right hon. Friend agree that ambitious companies looking for growth in Mid Sussex will be extremely pleased with the steps the Government took towards seeking to resolve the Crisis in Europe through growth?

Of course issues beyond our control affect the economy, and at a time of Crisis in Europe, when the eurozone appears to be teetering on the brink, it would be wrong to omit a mention of the broader economic crisis that persists and is driving up the cost of living for everyone.

Did anyone at the G8 summit emphasise that the basic cause of the economic and political Crisis in Europe was not the Greek debt but the single European currency and its lack of a lender of last resort, which is now a threat to the global stability of the banks?

The temptation for economic advancement from the European Union is slipping away as the Crisis in Europe becomes more and more of a problem; therefore, the European Union has less and less of a carrot to offer countries, and it would appear that it is not willing to use sticks in the way that might be encouraging to those countries either.

2013 to 2014

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In the light of the enormous Crisis in Europe and on European borders, it is odd that that should be a priority as opposed to the problems to which I have referred.

It is certainly not the greatest Crisis in Europe since 1945 - that is an absurd exaggeration - let alone a repeat of the horrors of Sudetenland.


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We are in a much stronger position to deal with whatever comes, but we are an open economy, and a financial Crisis in Europe is not something that will just pass Britain by.

I agree that we should not be part of a quota system drawn up by the Commission, but I do not agree that we should turn our backs, and I do not agree that we should say that the Crisis in Europe is nothing to do with us and that the only people that we will help will be from the Syrian camps.

This point brings into sharp focus the current Crisis in Europe.

The first - this goes to the heart of the motion - is the idea that we should opt out of the Crisis in Europe and look only at the situation in the camps bordering Syria.

This is, as the Minister said, the worst humanitarian Crisis in Europe since the second world war, and it is clearly the most important issue now facing the EU.


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I want to say something about the plight of women and child refugees, because earlier this month, about a week or so ago, UNICEF reported that for the first time since the refugee and migrant Crisis in Europe started, there are more women and children on the move than adult males, and that children and women now make up nearly 60% of the refugees and migrants crossing the border from Greece to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

If Egypt crumbles economically and social disorder breaks out, the ongoing migrant Crisis in Europe that we fear now and this summer will increase dramatically.

The people traffickers are benefiting from a clear Russian policy: to weaken resolve in Syria, to create a Crisis in Europe and weaken our humanitarian values, and to weaken neighbouring states such as Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and Turkey.

We are dealing with a refugee Crisis in Europe of such magnitude that, frankly, the number in the amendment is rather small, and I have had people ask me: “Why so few?

For the first time, there is now a serious and comprehensive proposal to deal with this very serious migration and refugee Crisis in Europe.

However, I believe that we currently have an acute Crisis in Europe.

Let us also be clear, however, that we have a keen national interest and a moral responsibility to ensure that effective systems are in place to tackle the worst humanitarian Crisis in Europe in a decade.

The Dublin rules were not fit for purpose, even before the current Crisis in Europe developed, and that crisis has pushed the system way beyond breaking point.

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