Crisis in Question

Including: Crisis in the Whole Question, Crisis in the Question, Crisis of the Question, Crisis of This Question, Crisis of This Great Question

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1812 - 2011

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1812 to 1840

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over 28 years

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But you will pardon me if in this great Crisis of the Question now before us, I feel it impossible to be wholly silent.

That was what he had really said; and he believed it was an opinion which had been generally admitted; for his hon. and learned Friend the Solicitor-general had himself said, that they were travelling to a point which would very soon be the Crisis of This Question, and the hon. and learned Member for Dublin had tonight stated, that they must very soon come in direct collision with the judges.

He knew, at least, one instance of a person, whose name, if he were permitted to mention it, would command their respect, who was most willing to serve his Church, and he might say his God, by devoting himself in what might be called the Crisis of This Great Question, to the almost gratuitous service of the Church.

1887 to 2011

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over 124 years

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We say that if the Amendment of my hon. and learned Friend the Member for Inverness (Mr. Finlay) is accepted, the Crisis in Question can be efficiently dealt with under the present clause, and that the remodelling of the Bankruptcy Clauses, even if called by some other name, is neither necessary, expedient, nor just.

The Government were about to kill the Bills of the London County Council and to postpone purchase at a grave Crisis in the Whole Question of the London water supply.

I see this issue as a Crisis in the Question of whether we have confidence in the workings of another court system.

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