Crisis in the Lives

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1908 - 2014

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1908 to 1934

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He spoke to men of all Christian persuasions alike, when he said that if there was one feeling of objection more than another to anti-clerical laws, it was the proviso which compelled young ecclesiastical students to quit their seminaries at the very Crisis of Their Lives, and to subject them to the degradations and temptations of barrack life.

If we -were in peace times I should be one of those disposed to dis- 1019 agree with any attempt to differentiate between class and class, but we are not in peace times, and I shall support the Chancellor of the Exchequer when he says, in the greatest Crisis of Our Lives, "Here is an industry making large profits, and I propose that it shall bear a fair proportion of the burden of the War from the large profits which it is making".

She said that the women were not getting sufficient to eat, and that, when they came to this vital matter of giving new life to the world, they had not the strength with which to stand this, the greatest Crisis of Their Lives.

1942 to 1954

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All these are fundamental liberties into which we have permitted wedges to be thrust, in this catastrophe and Crisis of Our Lives, because there is no man so wise and so good, no institution so profound and so perfect, that some derogation of its totality may not be asked in the present conditions.

They have made vague statements, which have created the impression in the minds of Members in this House and of members of the Senates all over the world that men and women in the Forces may, in the course of the next few weeks or months, have to face the greatest Crisis of Their Lives, and this at a time when the House is in Recess.

Suddenly, as this moment of Crisis in Their Lives and in the life of their country, they have had that guidance taken away.

1960 to 1973

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The truth is that ever since the Can-Report, the Government have adopted a laissez faire attitude and not even for our young people in this real Crisis of Their Lives will they intervene with private industry or do something to stiffen the Industrial Training Council.

We do not know the number of elderly persons who should be housed in local authority Part III accommodation, and we would like to know the views of the right hon. Gentleman about the Townsend concept that Part III accommodation should not be permanent accommodation for elderly people but short-stay, a place where they could go to convalesce or temporarily at a moment of Crisis in Their Lives, with the intention that they should return to their own homes.

There is nothing in the Government measures, at this Crisis in Our Lives, for the impoverished people of the low income groups.

1974 to 1990

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I have referred to one dimension of Crisis in the Lives of working people - housing.

When we reach the worst Crisis in Our Lives, that of ill health, we need the best service.

They face pressure from some members of the public, who are unhappy because a small number of homeless people are perhaps being intimidating, but the police are also aware that the vast majority of homeless people are facing a terrible Crisis in Their Lives.

1999 to 2007

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After all, we are sent to this House by those who elect us, who expect us to stand up for them, especially when a Crisis in Their Lives is exacerbated by their treatment at the hands of the Government.

We must help those whose lives have been most disrupted by homelessness or domestic violence, or who are in need because they are refugees, because they have suffered a fire or a burglary, because they have mental health problems or because of some other Crisis in Their Lives.

As Dame Denise has said, there needs to be a real debate about how people can prepare for that kind of Crisis in Their Lives, which they may well experience.


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Will he think again about the policy of denying legal assistance to people who are going through a terrible Crisis in Their Lives?


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That tells us that affordable rented accommodation is not just about people on benefits or on low incomes, people who lack aspiration or are in a Crisis in Their Lives, but is essential to the future of the housing market, particularly in London where deposits will be high.

They can get through the first part but, as the hon. Gentleman's point about the young people who have gone absent without leave shows, they sometimes experience a Crisis in Their Lives.

They say that their role as advocates and supporters for people in need through a Crisis in Their Lives is dangerously undermined by the new financial gatekeeping role that they will be asked to take on.

Legal aid is a lifeline to those in need, often at a time of Crisis in Their Lives.


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They are at a point of Crisis in Their Lives, and the organisations pointed out that the intimate process of taking DNA samples might cause further trauma to an individual who is at his most vulnerable, as I am sure your Lordships will understand.


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Those centres are lifelines to those in housing need, often at a time of Crisis in Their Lives.

Among the underlying causes and reasons for the expansion in the use of food banks in recent years, one reason is that, in contrast to the previous Labour Government, we see them, up front and unashamedly, as a good thing, and we encourage people who are facing points of financial Crisis in Their Lives to use them.

Our Government are concerned about people needing to use food banks in a moment of Crisis in Their Lives.


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Chaplains can also be alongside prisoners at times of Crisis in Their Lives, such as bereavement, when they may be particularly vulnerable.

However poor people are, and whether that is due to unemployment, low pay or zero-hours contracts - whatever the cause - people can have a Crisis in Their Lives.

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