Leadership Crisis

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1963 - 2016

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1963 to 1969

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When the television cameras settled on the right hon. Gentleman's face at the height of the Prime Minister's praise and I noticed his Buddha-like mask and I wondered whether, like me, he was thinking that the Prime Minister's hyperbole wasdue to a mixture of electioneering and bad conscience - the fact that the right hon. Gentleman has been twice so roughly handled in a Leadership Crisis.

This is a Crisis of Leadership.

A Leadership Crisis immediately erupted in the party.

I have tried to tell them over the last few weeks - all that it has done has been to make a Leadership Crisis among them, with them resigning and withdrawing resignations - that everyone accepts that an economic break would be impossible.

1974 to 1979

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There is a Leadership Crisis, but that is a crisis which lies within the ranks of the Government and is centred around the Prime Minister.

I know that a Leadership Crisis would not lead the Opposition Front Bench to act irresponsibly.

We are talking about the Crisis of Leadership.

1984 to 1988

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A Leadership Crisis might emerge in Albania, for example, and the same is true for Yugoslavia and Romania.

The gist of those articles is that the chairman of Eurotunnel, Lord Pennock, apparently wants to go, his self-designated successor, Sir Nigel Broackes, is allegedly disenchanted and would like to resign from the board, and there is general turmoil, chaos and a Crisis of Leadership within the company.

The delay has been exaggerated once again, after all these months, because of the Leadership Crisis in the SLD.


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They point to the Leadership Crisis in the Conservative party and argue that this could be the moment when Thatcherism is toppled.

Is it any wonder that there is a Leadership Crisis in the Conservative party?

At the time of the Leadership Crisis in the Conservative party, it was a toss-up between whether it would be men in grey suits or people in white coats who came to No.

1993 to 1994

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They concealed the mess, and now that they face the mess that they created they do not have the foggiest idea how to get out of it because they are suffering from a Crisis of Leadership.

Is the Minister aware that, in opening the meeting of the Organisation of African Unity, President Mandela said that the Rwandan situation was a stern rebuke for us all and that it reflected on a Crisis of Leadership?

I cannot agree with the hon. Gentleman that a Crisis of Leadership in Britain is responsible for the situation in Rwanda.

2005 to 2007

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In that deeper sense, there is a Crisis of Leadership within the community.

President Chirac was reported as telling friends presciently that the presidency could not perform effectively until the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer "resolve the Crisis of Leadership and one of them comes out on top".

It is faced with a Leadership Crisis, but I have no time to go into why we appoint the leader of the IMF in the way we do.

2011 to 2012

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All possible political and diplomatic processes are under way, and have been under way-we have been deeply engaged in trying to help and co-ordinate efforts to support that since the Leadership Crisis first arose in December.

Along with the noble Lord, Lord Glasman, I believe that the public feel that there is a Crisis of Leadership in our public institutions and are wondering who to trust.

No wonder there is a Crisis of Leadership, with one third of directors of public health not planning to transfer to local authorities.

This would be seen as a direct challenge to the Bank's independence and a judgment on the competence of the Bank's senior executives, which could cause a Crisis in Leadership in the Bank and a serious loss of public confidence.

2015 to 2016

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One in four academies have seen their headteachers depart in the past year, prompting fears of a Leadership Crisis.

By the way, only the Labour party could have a Leadership Crisis without actually having a leader.

I hear the language of politics on the Opposition Benches as Labour Members fight like ferrets in a sack, desperately working out how to deal with Their Leadership Crisis and trying to deal with the endemic problem of anti-Semitism in their party.

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