Living Standards Crisis

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1973 - 2015

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Is he aware that with a rapid increase in prices, many of them authorised by the commission, with wages rigidly controlled, with a Crisis in Living Standards for people affected, and the fresh impetus to rising prices given by a fall in the value of the pound, the Government must make clear their policy for price control during phase 2?

It is important, if we are to understand the meaning of the debate, that we should note that the Chancellor significantly omitted from his long survey any mention of the way in which the problems of Britain appear to the people of Britain, that is, a Crisis of Living Standards experienced by more and more of our people.

The evidence of the Crisis in Living Standards is there for us to see, and we have a duty to express it here, to represent the views of those who sent us here, who are hit by inflation and who are becoming increasingly conscious of the injustice which they feel lies behind the Government's policy.


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In response to the Crisis in Living Standards hitting families, the Government are piling on the pressure with badly designed and badly targeted cuts to benefits and tax credits.


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There is a Living Standards Crisis for the many and all he does is stand up for a few at the top.

They destroyed consumer and business confidence, sucked demand out of the economy and failed to tackle the Crisis in Living Standards.

Unfortunately, housing costs are at the heart of the Living Standards Crisis, particularly in respect of first-time buyers, younger people, and those in what we call generation rent.

At least the Government now acknowledge that there is a Living Standards Crisis in the country, but there is no real action to tackle that in the speech today.

Not youth unemployment, not the NHS, not the Living Standards Crisis.

There is no answer from the Prime Minister on the Living Standards Crisis that is facing families up and down the country.

Any increase in employment is to be welcomed, but the real story of the labour market is a Living Standards Crisis, with falling real wages and millions working harder for less.

There is a Living Standards Crisis in the UK today and it has been caused directly by the actions of this Government.

We have a Living Standards Crisis in this country.

Will the Prime Minister finally take responsibility for the Living Standards Crisis that families in this country are facing?

The Living Standards Crisis that people are facing is not only an issue of pay and the rising cost of goods, but of security.

We are in the midst of the Biggest Living Standards Crisis in a generation, a crisis that is affecting every community in the country.

We also know that insecurity goes to the heart of This Living Standards Crisis, too.

Another important point about the economy is the Living Standards Crisis that the Government have caused.

He powerfully highlighted the impact of the Living Standards Crisis on our high streets, saying, rightly, that there is a relationship between security of employment and issues such as zero-hours exploitation, and people's ability to spend on the high street.


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A Living Standards Crisis has impacted on households all over the country, which is why the shape and nature of growth matter.

This Living Standards Crisis is not just one of rising costs and falling wages.

In fact, when my right hon. Friend was talking about the Crisis of Living Standards, there was a great deal of laughter among Government Members.

The trend towards more workers earning at or just above the level of the minimum wage has exacerbated the Crisis in Living Standards in London.

Beth Farhat, regional secretary of the northern TUC, has criticised the Budget for failing to tackle the Living Standards Crisis that is the fundamental concern of workers across our region and for the Chancellor's failure to show any real support for the living wage or fair pay.

While we bring forward practical solutions to the Crisis in Living Standards, all they can do is bang on about Europe.


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However, the Living Standards Crisis that I refer to and the persistence of the deficit are symptoms of a bigger problem: the failure of Government to help raise productivity across our economy.

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