Cyprus Crisis

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1943 - 2013

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1943 to 1956

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asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he will make a statement regarding the present Crisis in Cyprus caused by the increased cost of living and the suppression of trade union activity designed to secure a remedy; and whether he will order the release of imprisoned trade unionists and arrange for the ban against anti-Fascist clubs and centres to be lifted?

May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he and his colleagues in Her Majesty's Government would also be prepared to lay on the Table documents relating to the handling of Cyprus by Her Majesty's present Government and the previous Conservative Administration, and in particular the documents relating to all the considerations, including party considerations, which led to the timing of the Hopkinson statement which precipitated the Present Cyprus Crisis?

We are faced with a very serious Crisis in Cyprus.


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My hope has always been, and it has run through number of speeches tonight, that the Cyprus Crisis in the end would lead to reconciliation between ourselves and the people of Cyprus and, indeed, not only between ourselves and the Kingdom of Greece and the Republic of Turkey but between those two foreign countries and the Commonwealth of nations.


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Mr. Paget asked the Secretary of State for War if he will make a statement on the Army's contribution in the Cyprus Crisis.

asked the Secretary of State for War if he will make a statement on the Army's contribution in the Cyprus Crisis.

On 3rd March, 1959, the then Secretary of State for War, thinking the Cyprus Crisis was over, used Cyprus as an example.

We were told by the Daily Mail, however, on 31st December, that "Centaur" was making her way slowly through the Mediterranean, in case she was needed in the Cyprus Crisis.

In 1962, following the then Crisis in Cyprus, it was thought that the Act should be amended.

When the Cyprus Crisis broke out, it was the Labour Party which was rather critical of the Government for not seeking straight away a United Nations solution.


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However, does the right hon. Gentleman think that it would have been of any advantage to this country to have had an aircraft of this type in service at the time of the Cyprus Crisis?


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The two Foreign Ministers joined us for discussions on the Community and also on world problems such as energy and inflation, as well as the present Crisis in Cyprus.

Mr. Hattersley: Consultations between the nine member States of the European Communities have been taking place in the political co-operation machinery of the Nine since the beginning of the Cyprus Crisis.

What is tohappen if something crops up like the recent Crisis in Cyprus at the peak holiday period when every charter aircraft worth flying is flying people to holiday locations world-wide?


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I think he will expect, and I think his expectations will be fulfilled, that the Secretary of State will go on co-operating with us in the helpful way in which he has done so since the Cyprus Crisis began.

On top of the Cyprus Crisis, which has neutralised the Turks and the Greeks in the NATO Alliance, and on top of the Communist gains in the recent local government elections in Italy, it would mark the total collapse of the southern flank of NATO and would give free rein to Soviet power from the Azores through the Mediterranean to the Middle East.

I do not underestimate the problems posed for our Government by the Cyprus Crisis and the agony of the Cypriot people.

Perhaps it would be unwise for me to give a table of importance of the reasons why we need to solve the Cyprus Crisis at the first opportunity.

1976 to 1982

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It does not give all the help it could give to the local authority reception areas where there is the greatest concentration of immigrants, and particularly during the Crisis in Cyprus in the summer of 1974 the refusal of the Home Office to treat the Cypriots coming to this country as refugees meant that the whole burden of about 800 to 1,000 families - 4,000 to 5,000 people - fell entirely upon the slender resources of my local authority.

I do not underestimate the problems posed for successive British Governments by the Cyprus Crisis and the agony of the Cypriot people.

My hon. Friend also drew attention to the continuing Crisis in Cyprus.

For example, the Crisis in Cyprus occurred at a time when America's attention was engaged in President Nixon's final resignation and Mr. Henry Kissinger had all his attention taken up by that.

1984 to 2013

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I believe that that is the reason - and there must be a special reason - why the United States is not prepared to throw its full weight into solving the Crisis in Cyprus.

The example that I have given focused my mind on the continuing Crisis in Cyprus.

Anyone who doubts its scale and the anxiety it causes, as my hon. Friendthe Member for Chichester (Mr Tyrie) set out, needs only to look at the absurd proposition, coming out of the Crisis in Cyprus, that one can confiscate arbitrarily people's deposits.

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