Diplomatic Crisis

Including: Great Diplomatic Crisis, Present Diplomatic Crisis, This Diplomatic Crisis

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1913 - 2014

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1913 to 1960

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over 47 years

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But in view of this tendency on the part of the Nationalist party in Ireland one can well imagine circumstances arising when it would be extremely criticial for the Parliament to pass a resolution which might precipitate a Diplomatic Crisis at the moment.

It may be perhaps fair to say that although the finished article, the Present Diplomatic Crisis, is certainly of German origin the raw materials for that crisis was derived from the territories of the victorious Powers.

Every dispute becomes a Diplomatic Crisis, every diplomatic crisis becomes a threat to peace, and sooner or later there is a fatal incident.

Declaration of last May - then the failure of the Conference will be followed by a peace treaty with Eastern Germany by Russia, and that again, if the Government mean what they say, will result in our being in an atmosphere of Diplomatic Crisis with threats to peace and all the rest of it.

1984 to 2011

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over 27 years

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Dr. Ramadan's wife was involved and embroiled in the Diplomatic Crisis that blew up between the United Kingdom and Libya.

However, I praise the Government for their actions: first, they put themselves in the classic Churchillian position, followed by every subsequent Government, of being America's closest ally in a Great Diplomatic Crisis to gain the maximum possible influence over the exercise of power.

I can understand the appeal of that to some of us-some of us might want to get our own back on this project for all the iniquities that it has inflicted on us-but would that not produce a Diplomatic Crisis that would lead to monumental pressure on future Governments, including perhaps a Labour Government, to amend, or even repeal, the Bill?


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When he last addressed the House on this question, I asked about the effect of This Diplomatic Crisis on the 75,000 British Iranians who live in this country and on those who wish to visit them from Iran.


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I commend my right hon. Friend's calm approach to This Diplomatic Crisis and his determination to achieve a diplomatic solution.

I believe that this amounts to a Diplomatic Crisis.

I want to start the substance of my remarks with Ukraine, because it seems to me that any fair appraisal of the Diplomatic Crisis we face needs to start with the truth that Ukraine today is an independent sovereign state with a democratically elected president and Parliament and internationally recognised borders, and is entitled, not only morally but in terms of international law, to take its own decisions about its national future.

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