Total Crisis

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1942 - 2012

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1942 to 1983

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over 41 years

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War is the Total Crisis of a community.

The action by Giro's management symbolises Merseyside's Total Crisis.

Without North Sea oil, such has been the deterioration in our industrial strength, we would be in a state of Total Crisis.

1987 to 2001

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over 14 years

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It is in Total Crisis, but from Downing street the parrot simply screeches louder, "We are giving more, more, more".

At the end of his remarks, the Secretary of State tried to address one of the saddest features of education debates - the impression that we often give the public and the press that our education system is failing and in Total Crisis.

Surely, even those who hold the most jaundiced views about farmers and farming must now realise that we are witnessing an industry in Total Crisis, not to mention the associated human suffering.

Some newspaper headlines have given the impression that the hospital is in Total Crisis.

2002 to 2011

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over nine years

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We want to hear from the fisheries Minister that at last, at this moment of Total Crisis, the fishing industry will be given the priority it deserves, and that every level of Government, including the Prime Minister, will ensure that a viable future is negotiated for our fishing communities, rather than another sell-out.

I agree with all noble Lords who have indicated the importance of not getting to the point of litigation, when people are in Total Crisis and before the court.

Their financial affairs can be thrown into Total Crisis by even the smallest unexpected bill.


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In particular, should we not think again before savagely reducing medium-wave transmissions to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Israel at a moment when the region is in Total Crisis and the voice of reason is in such short supply?

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