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1897 - 2016

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1897 to 1963

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] I have seen symptoms in more than one Party of desire to use the present Crisis in Education for the purpose of upsetting the Act of 1870 and to build a new educational building upon new foundations.

We are aware of the information to which the Minister refers, but the Council went further and asked that all teachers, including student teachers, should be exempt in view of the looming Crisis in Education in Scotland, which will mean a shortage of about 3,000 teachers by 1960.

There are confusion and Crisis in Education, as the House well knows.

It will be forward with large classes and forward with a Crisis in Education.

1965 to 1967

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My interest in this matter was first aroused almost 10 years ago in pursuit of trying to ensure that the bulge then going through the schools and the increasing number of young people staying on after 15 and the need for more places in the universities - the Crisis in Education - would be met by expanding the accommodation in the universities.

I cannot emphasise enough that, in Scotland, we are approaching with frightening speed a Crisis in Education.


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Hundreds of White Papers and Blue Books have been published about the Education Crisis, but that crisis has been with us for 25 years.

But because we have increased this share of the gross national product above what it was under the Conservative Government, the Leader of the Opposition calls this the worst Crisis in Education since 1931.

If a reduction in resources made available to local education authoritiesfor school building may mean in a particular county, such as mine, that children do not have the accommodation available which they need in the relevant time, this produces a Crisis in Education.

As the enforcement of the registration procedure is likely to cause a considerable Crisis in Education in Lanarkshire, is the Secretary of State prepared to give any additional help to that county to get suitably qualified teachers?


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There is a Crisis in Education, and I am disappointed that the Government have ignored it completely in this Gracious Speech.


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I believe that we are facing a Crisis in Education - a crisis of educational thinking as well as in the supply of the necessary resources - if our children are to have the opportunities they deserve.

He was concerned with direct grant and grammar schools, with the result that there is a massive Crisis in Education in London because of the desperate and ever-increasing shortage of teachers.

Does the hon. Gentleman accept that there is a desperately Serious Education Crisis, particularly in Glasgow and Lanarkshire?


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It is serious that hon. Members opposite have signed the motion, because they are either betraying their own party or they cannot read—in which case there is a Crisis of Education in the public school system.

Why does not the right hon. Gentleman come clean on this matter and admit that the real Crisis in Education has arisen because the Government's economic policies are in ruins?

In Scotland we have an Education Crisis.

During the Crisis in Education, when teachers could not be found for love or money in London - at about the time of the raising of the school leaving age - it was suggested that local authority flats should be provided for new teachers.

The hon. Member for Brent, North (Dr. Boyson) referred to this in Black Paper Two, "The Crisis in Education".

1977 to 1980

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Will my hon. Friend bear in mind the words of the hon. Member for Brent, North (Dr. Boyson) in 1972 when writing in the Black Paper "Crisis in Education", when he acknowledged that grammar schools and comprehensive schools could not exist side by side?

There is a Crisis in Education.

It is irresponsible to claim that there is an Education Crisis in Dundee.


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Conservative Members, including the Secretary of State and the Under-Secretary, consistently underestimate the Crisis in Education.

There is a Crisis of Education and there always has been in some areas, and that crisis is nothing to do with the development of the comprehensive school, but is to do with the deterioration of the quality of life in many of our deprived areas.

The present Crisis in Education arises from the Government refusing to inject money to take account of changes in the curriculum.

Will he take into account the Crisis in Education in Scotland?


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Does the Minister appreciate that the Education Crisis in Bradford does not flow from the parents, from a headmaster who has insulted many of his pupils' parents and caused them to lose confidence in him, or from teachers and pupils who are trying to work together in schools, many of which are old, dilapidated, overcrowded, under-staffed and seriously under-equipped?


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It is not only a Crisis in Education but in politics, because the Labour Party refuse to condemn the disruption in unambiguous terms.

That is part, but only part, of the Crisis in Education.

We hope that they succeed, and that the Government, who are wholly responsible for the Crisis in Education, will respond to these overtures and bring about a settlement.

It is strange that, if there is a Crisis in Education, nothing is done, but, if there is a crisis in almost any other branch of life, the Government bail us out.

The hon. Gentleman talks about a Crisis in Education.

Perhaps part of the reason why Ministers in the Scottish Office are oblivious to the Crisis in Education, which they have precipitated, is that their children are not affected.


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Above all, the Minister can use the two or three minutes remaining to him tonight to tell us whether he will now meet Strathclyde region to try to settle the Education Crisis in Paisley before we hit the summer holidays.

We have enormous housing needs and, as my hon. Friends the Members for Bradford, South (Mr. Cryer) and for Bradford, North have said, we have an Education Crisis and are trying to improve the education service and the fabric of our established schools, so we need a city technology college like a hole in the head.


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It says:The authority acknowledges that, despite its best endeavours, the Crisis in Education in Tower Hamlets continues to worsen.

The members of the Select Committee on Education, Science and Arts became profoundly conscious of the fact that we were facing a Crisis in Education and particularly in the shortage of teachers.

The other day The Oxford Times had a headline:Cash plea as Education Crisis looms".

It is heading towards a Crisis in Education because of lack of school provision.

The Gracious Speech does not mention the Crisis in Education.


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Conservative Members should concentrate on the skills shortage and the Crisis in Education.

I understand why Conservative Members will not acknowledge the extent of the Crisis in Education that they have produced, but they had better understand the near collapse, in the words of The Mail on Sunday, to which have they brought the education service.

Does the Secretary of State accept the Crisis in Education will not be solved by these rather cheap measures, as my hon. Friend the Member for Blackburn (Mr. Straw) described them?

to allow the real problems, not the problems from the Soviet Union, to be addressed, including the Education Crisis in our schools.

I wish to draw the Government's attention to what I consider to be a serious Crisis in Education in Cumbria, which includes my constituency.

My hon. Friend the Member for Blackburn (Mr. Straw) made it clear that we face a Crisis in Education.

1992 to 1994

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He draws attentionto the Crisis in Education in Northumberland where the inadequate SSA has led to cuts of £6·5 million including £3·7 million from the education service.

They have to cope with a shortage of resources and a growing Education Crisis reflecting the failure of society outside the schools.

As I have said, it is not only the failure to provide sufficient investment that has led to a Crisis in Education.


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It has not only highlighted a Crisis in Education generally, but, in particular, highlighted the problems faced by Barnsley.

It will be anxious to tell him, as has Grampian regional council, that it wants to know when the Government will give the capital consents needed to meet the Education Crisis that Grampian region faces.

There is a Crisis in Education and in the health service, but tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, midwives and teachers are on the dole.

While I intend to concentrate my remarks on Home Office matters, may I say initially that we all recognise from our postbags that a Serious Education Crisis is facing this country.


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I appreciate the opportunity to raise the issue of education in Scotland, but what I really want to refer to is the Crisis in Education in Scotland.

If the Conservatives wished to gain some kudos from Derbyshire having small class sizes in 1988–89, they must take considerable blame for class sizes in Derbyshire at present and the Crisis in Education.

We have a Crisis in Education in our province such as we have never seen before.


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As I tried to say this afternoon during Scottish questions, the local elected councillors are not alone in saying that there is a Crisis in Education in Scotland - they are joined by the director of education, his deputy and the head teachers.

If we add the extra 1,011 children who will no longer be able to take up assisted places, there will be a Crisis of Education in south Devon, created entirely by the Labour party.

Two stories will illustrate the Crisis in Education in the constituency and how diverting money from the assisted places scheme into primary schools will greatly benefit children.

The effect of that, as the Prime Minister must surely know, is to deepen the Crisis in Education.

The second test is: will the proposals provide extra funds to meet the current Crisis in Education?

1998 to 2000

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I support my constituents in undertaking those demonstrations, as I have supported demonstrations by those concerned about the Crisis in Education, the national health service and the mining community.

I must inform the hon. Member for Bethnal Green and Bow (Ms King) that there is also a Crisis in Education in Southend, where class sizes are growing and we do not have enough places for our secondary schoolchildren.

My Lords, there is no doubt that one of the greatest challenges which will face developing countries in the 21st century will be the need to tackle the Education Crisis, particularly in countries such as India, South Africa (where I come from) and the African continent.

Many charities and organisations have been working hard to address the Education Crisis.


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They will ask why the Government are doing nothing about the growing national Crisis in Education.

I also speak on behalf of my hon. Friends the Members for Westbury (Mr. Faber) and for Salisbury (Mr. Key) who, with my right hon. Friend the Member for Devizes, joined me recently in an Adjournment debate in Westminster Hall on the bed blocking crisis in Wiltshire, which, like the Crisis in Education funding that I shall describe, is also caused by the chronic underfunding of Wiltshire county council.

There is an absolute Crisis in Education, as hon. Members will know from having canvassed in the dreadful general election campaign.

I do not believe that we have a Crisis in Education in terms of teacher recruitment, but I recognise that we have a problem.

We are having a quiet Crisis in Education - in teachers' morale, in student debt and in adult training.

Across the board, there is a Crisis in Education.

The Government need to act promptly to avoid a Crisis in Education arising from the shortage of teachers.


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Until seven o'clock there will be a debate entitled "Crisis in Education and Skills Training" followed by a debate entitled "The Chinook Helicopter Crash".

I beg to move, That this House notes the mounting Crisis in Education; regrets that unauthorised absences from secondary schools are rising, and that examination standards in mathematics fell last year among 11-year-olds; further notes that morale among teachers has fallen so low that three teaching unions are currently engaged in industrial action, including an unprecedented ballot on industrial action among head teachers; regrets the early departure from the teaching profession of so many qualified teachers; notes that teachers themselves blame the excessive workload caused by Government interference for many of these early departures; condemns the Government for its lack of support for teachers seeking to cope with disciplinary problems in schools; asks the Government to explain fully the precipitate ending of Education Action Zones; calls on the Government to restore confidence in the examination board system after the various fiascos faced by Edexcel; notes that morale among university teachers and students is also low because of funding problems; further condemns the way decent training providers, including FE colleges, were let down by the failure of Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs); and calls on the Government to make an immediate announcement about how it intends to help those affected by the ILA collapse, and what scheme it proposes to replace ILAs.

There are four reasons behind the Crisis in Education, and we know that the Government are in denial of them.

I am disappointed that the Conservatives have chosen to talk about a Crisis in Education.

Does he agree that the true measure of the Crisis in Education in inner cities is the flight of middle-class people from those areas, which is largely a result of the quality of education available?

2005 to 2007

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After eight years, two manifestos, five Green Papers, three White Papers, eight Acts of Parliament, two strategy documents and four Education Secretaries, the Government claim to have the answers to the Crisis in Education.

The Crisis in Education is extremely serious in schools.

However, when the students left university, they disappeared; many went to teach in England to relieve the Crisis in Education at that time - this was the '60s.


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I will be working to bring a game-changing intervention to Bradford to solve Our Education Crisis.

There are good schools and poor schools in the maintained sector; the real Crisis in Education is in teacher recruitment and the quality of headteachers, and her proposals and speech have absolutely nothing to say about that.

Unless we start valuing teachers for their contribution, making a school an academy will not change anything, and the Crisis in Education will only deepen.

My hon. Friendthe Member for Dudley North (Ian Austin) is not here at present, but he said on Second Reading that “the real Crisis in Education is in teacher recruitment and the quality of headteachers” and that the Secretary of State's proposals and speech “have absolutely nothing to say about that.


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Far from tackling inequality, the Government have instead overseen a Crisis in Education.

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