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1968 - 2015

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It seems to me that if, without any pressure due to international financial crises, the price of gold had been altered in the past so that it reached a more realistic level, the Recent International Financial Crisis would never have arisen.

Mr. Speed asked the Prime Minister where and at what time he met the German Ambassador during the Recent International Financial Crisis.


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My tribute - a genuine one - is that I sympathise with him fully in the enormous difficulties he has had in preparing his Budget and joining in our debates in the middle of an International Financial Crisis.

Briefly I should like to express the hope that my right hon. Friend the Chancellor will have something to say in summing up about the outcome of the latest denouement in that "mousetrap" of the economic stage, an International Financial Crisis.

A rather depressing piece of conventional wisdom seems to have developed - it has been evident on both sides throughout the debate - in relation to the European aspects of the Present International Financial Crisis.

We face, too, a grave risk of an International Financial Crisis, worsened for Britain by the City's overstretched adventures in the European financial market.


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We were given the standby because the Group of Ten recognised that, unless they did something to help us, there would have been a Major International Financial Crisis.


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The restoration of growth and the consequent smoothing of adjustment problems would contribute much to the improvement in trade relations and lessen the danger of the International Financial Crisis which many have foreseen.

aid does not relieve poverty in the Third world; aid does not promote world peace or make friends for the West; aid is neither appropriate nor necessary for relieving unemployment in the West; aid is neither appropriate nor necessary for solving the so-called International Financial Crisis".

I wish to turn to the disruptive and old hat article by the noble Professor Peter Bauer, to which my right hon. Friend the Member for Daventry (Mr. Prentice) referred, in which he says:Aid cannot significantly promote Third world development; aid does not relieve poverty in the Third world; aid does not promote world peace or make friends for the West; aid is neither appropriate nor necessary for relieving unemployment in the West; aid is neither appropriate nor necessary for solving the so-called International Financial Crisis.

1998 to 1999

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What steps he has taken to assist Scottish businesses in respect of the Recent International Financial Crisis.

Months after the International Financial Crisis began, we have a Treasury economic forecast that,by 2001–02, the British economy will be bigger and better than the Treasury predicted it would be before the international crisis.

The International Financial Crisis has clearly demonstrated that the IMF should play a constructive role in helping countries to liberalise their capital accounts in an orderly way.


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Though the worst of the International Financial Crisis is behind us, there is no room for complacency.


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Most of us realise that we are now in the throes - perhaps the very early throes - of a Major International Financial Crisis, which will ensure that the future of credit and of all mortgage businesses is radically different from how things are today.

We have a broad range of common interests, including the International Financial Crisis and the need to combat the threat from violent extremism.

I understand that this is a moment of acute intellectual peril for the right, given that we cannot nudge, privatise or deregulate our way out of the International Financial Crisis.


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Instead, we must look at the causes of This International Financial Crisis.

Instead, we must look to the causes of This International Financial Crisis; we must strengthen the supervisory and regulatory regime both here and internationally.

of GDP by 2007-08, supporting sustained increases in investment in schools, hospitals and other key public services; welcomes the action the Government has taken in response to the International Financial Crisis both to support financial stability and to provide help for people and businesses at the time when they need it most; notes that to support the economy in the short term the Government's fiscal stimulus includes public sector net investment rising to 2.

An International Financial Crisis is sweeping across the globe, but, despite that, the Scottish Government will continue to receive increased funding - an extra £700 million next year.

For example, Graça Machel, the former Prime Minister of Mozambique, speaking in Cape Town just last month, pointed out that the International Financial Crisis and global recession has impacted more severely on Africa than on other parts of the world, not least because some donor countries have cut their funding targets in response.

Britain, bruised by the International Financial Crisis, by the toll of casualties in Afghanistan and uncertain of its sense of direction, risks turning in on itself and underperforming, as we last did in the 1970s.

I believe that such a new realism is likely to emerge from the International Financial Crisis that is currently threatening world stability and seems likely to fill that role for the foreseeable future.

It has the largest and most successful international financial sector in the world, so it was inevitable that it would suffer disproportionately in an International Financial Crisis.


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If Greece were not in the eurozone, it too could do what the UK can do, which is keep afloat even though that means devaluation-we must recognise that there is an International Financial Crisis, but it is being made much worse.

That was long before the Current International Financial Crisis hit this country.

But should it not, this irresponsible approach to dealing with the aftermath of the International Financial Crisis will impose a loss of real income on generations to come.

The International Financial Crisis has affected every Government the world over, and getting back to sustained economic growth is the only real way to reduce the deficit and clear the financial crisis for good.

He did not say so, but I assume from his analysis that the factors behind this anxiety include fears that the International Financial Crisis has caused great psychological depression in many countries: the recession that people now face; the threat of unemployment in different countries and the fact that, if they adjust to climate change requirements, jobs may be lost in the immediate future through that process as well; and that the emerging countries in the third world are now coming into the first world-very rapidly in the cases of India, China and Turkey.


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They conveniently forget that, as reported by all the economic forecasters, including the Institute for Fiscal Studies, two thirds of the £84 billion deficit came from the International Financial Crisis.

My point was that the International Financial Crisis affected all countries' debt, not least that of Greece.

When we look at the facts and strip out the impact of the International Financial Crisis, which is about £84 billion in terms of our structural deficit, there was a residual deficit, to which the hon. Lady refers.

This Chancellor has undermined Britain's recovery from the consequences of the International Financial Crisis.


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In other words, private sector employment in the region was accelerating faster than public sector employment was before the International Financial Crisis.

As the Chancellor commented, all of this is on top of the irresponsible lending practices at home and abroad that brought about the International Financial Crisis-practices in which British banks played a leading role, inflicting huge economic costs on the British people.

We risk repeating that fate today, which is why we are proposing to impose a bank payroll tax on the very institutions that played a large part in causing the International Financial Crisis that led first to the recession and then to today's double-dip recession.

We all speak to and listen to our constituents at our surgeries and in our town centres, and we know that they are hurting as a result of an International Financial Crisis caused by irresponsible bankers and made worse by a double-dip recession made in Downing street.

2013 to 2014

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As the noble Lord said, the Government inherited the terrible economic consequences of the International Financial Crisis-everyone agrees about that.

Do the Government not understand that while the International Financial Crisis has hit people on low incomes in many countries, in this country we have an additional problem that the Government are not addressing, which is that utilities - gas, electricity and water - are hitting people on low incomes so hard that they are choosing between the utilities and food?

In the hon. and learned Gentleman's historical and economic analysis, when is he going to factor in a little thing such as an International Financial Crisis that did not start in Britain?


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The reality is that on the eve of the 2008 International Financial Crisis, public spending was almost exactly the same as it was in the later years of the Chancellorship ofthe right hon. and learned Member for Rushcliffe (Mr Clarke), when public expenditure stood at 39% of GDP.

That has allowed the Government to reframe an International Financial Crisis as one of public spending and to offer up the idea of cuts as a solution.

London is a driving force, so it seems a ridiculous idea that TfL can be so short-changed at a time like this, when the economy is supposed to be getting back on its feet, and we are finally coming out of the recession caused by the International Financial Crisis.

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