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1823 - 2016

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1823 to 1917

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over 94 years

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He had then declared, and he felt it necessary, in the present Crisis of the World, again to do so, that, looking to the state of Europe—looking to the bearings of what were called liberal principles in different states—marking the extremes to which they had unfortunately been carried in Spain—and, in consequence of which extremes, any person who desired the amelioration of those constitutions, so far from being an enemy to liberty, was really a friend to it—he contended, looking to those principles, and to the principles of the British constitution, which was a compromise between the principle of democracy and that of monarchy, that, in this conflict of opinion, the middle or neutral course was the proper policy for this country to pursue.

The public ought to settle, aye or no, whether there is this division of opinion in the nation, and whether, in such a momentous Crisis of the World's affairs, there is to be a dual Government—not as the right hon. Gentleman most recklessly asserts within the Cabinet—but whether he himself, shrinking from proposing a Vote of Censure, without responsibility, is to wield the foreign policy of this country; or whether it is to be still entrusted to the full responsibility of Her Majesty's present Advisers.

We are now face to face with a Crisis in the World's history just as great and just as decisive as that which faced Rome in its struggle against Carthage, and history will decide which is Rome and which is Carthage.

1919 to 1930

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over 11 years

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I suppose we all quite realise that at a time like this, when this country in general and London in particular is a sort of junction of the world at a time of World Crisis, there is necessarily a great amount required for Government hospitality.

Mr. AMMON asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he was consulted by the Chancellor of the Exchequer as to the use of official documents commenting on the battle of Jutland, quoted in the extracts from his forthcoming book, the World Crisis, extracts from which have been published in the Press?

Is it suggested that it is a potential tax upon industry, to be suspended and launched upon our industries when they emerge, as they will in due time, from the World Crisis?

Yet with all their internationalism they are showing themselves quite unable to cope with This World Crisis.


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The real thing that the Lord Privy Seal ought to do would be this: If the unemployment problem is insolvable owing to a World Crisis in world capitalism—the world crisis has not been produced here to-day as an excuse.

There is no chance of the World Crisis lifting, unless some measures are taken 1707 to extend credit in such a way as to increase the purchasing power of the undeveloped or colonial areas of the earth.

The Government have not only failed to tackle the question of unemployment in this country, but have failed to do anything to tackle The results of the World Crisis, which they say is responsible for our present position.

1194 This is a condemnation of this Government, at this unprecedented time, on the very night when a World Crisis in prices has occasioned a most critical meeting in another room in this House, because this Government, with five rural Members, have not in two years succeeded in doing what the Conservative party failed even to attempt to do during all the time they were in office.

I 1715 want to assure hon. Members opposite that we on this side have no less faith in the programme for which we have stood and no less faith in the ideals upon which the party is based because of the difficulties which have been created by the World Crisis.

Furthermore, you are facing a World Crisis which arises not through scarcity, not through failure of crops, not through lack of raw materials, not through scarcity of labour, not through famine.


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I know that these places are dependent on each other, and that until the World Crisis is over they will doubtless 1125 be needing money every year.

é published in the Press last Saturday, which records the decision reached by the Governments of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, to hold a conference in the month of June next in order to agree on a lasting settlement of the questions raised in the report of the Basle experts and on the measures necessary to solve the other economic and financial difficulties which are responsible for, and which may prolong, the Present World Crisis.

Our position is that this Bill is irrelevant to the World Crisis, that its whole proposals will only make things worse, and we come before you and say that, instead of wasting time about this, let us get together.

Now we are confronted with proposals for the taxation of foodstuffs, and for the protection of industries, not as the result of searching and expert inquiry; not confined to branches of agriculture, or to industries for which a special case may exist, or as part of a constructive scheme of reorganisation; not confined, either, to the emergency, but constituting a permanent and formidable system of Protection, We are here representing millions of Liberals and Free Traders who are not less intelligent, certainly not less patriotic than the Conservative supporters of hon. Members behind me, men and women with a full understanding of the reality of the World Crisis, anxious to contribute to their utmost to a solution, but unable to approve the departure signalised by the introduction of this Bill.

I would draw the special attention of the Committee to his next words: "The World Crisis is essentially a crisis of confidence, and until the present paralysing uncertainty respecting inter-Governmental war obligations is ended world confidence will not and cannot be restored.

I believe the British Government can at this moment make the very greatest contribution to relieve the World Crisis if they will only inform the world what their intentions really are.

It has to be remembered that the terms of reference for the Conference at Lausanne include among the objects to be sought not only a settlement of reparations but agreement on the measures necessary to solve the other economic and financial difficulties which are responsible for, and may prolong, the Present World Crisis.

A second decision taken by these six inviting Powers yesterday afternoon was that their Ministers of Commerce or the Latters' representatives should meet together to consider certain questions connected with the second part of the work of the Lausanne Conference, namely:" The measures necessary to solve the 2023 other economic and financial difficulties which are responsible for and may prolong the Present World Crisis," in preparation for the wider Conference which will consider these questions in the near future.

In our opinion there is only one cure for the World Crisis and the national crisis, and that is to eliminate capitalism entirely, to bring under the control and management of the nation the industries and the land of the country, to produce for use and not for profit.

But, when the MacDonald leopard changes his spots, it is the World Crisis, and the people opposite, including some of his colleagues now—I will single out the Postmaster-General—who said this increase of unemployment was due to the Labour Government now say it is due to the world crisis.


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Is there any essential difference between a World Crisis which forces you to take 3,000,000 men or more out of industry and to put them in the field, and a world crisis, also largely out of y6ur control, which drives 3,000,000 men out of their 286 employment and makes them an involuntary army of dependants on the State It seems to me that it would be perfectly reasonable, in these exceptional circumstances, frankly to borrow a fixed and limited amount for a period of years in order to enable you to win your war, instead of going on under conditions which are bound to end in defeat.

It is due to President 1496 Roosevelt, speaking through his mouthpiece, Mr. Norman Davis, that we have this great step forward in the sphere of disarmament, namely, the fact that America will not longer stand aside in the face of a World Crisis.

We regard the first cause of the World Crisis as arising from disequilibria that lies at the bottom of society.

The same devotion, the same wealth, the same ability and the same energy must be put into the cause of peace to-day if we are to pull through the present Crisis in the World's history.

if the World Crisis continues and other raw material producing countries, Dominions or Colonies, fail to meet their debt services.


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There is, of course, a great measure of unemployment which is due to the World Crisis, from which we have suffered like everybody else, and which has greatly intensified our unemployment.

Although the New Zealand market is not a large one and the amount of the imports which she has taken during 1933 is comparatively small, yet if you will look back three or four years, prior to the World Crisis, you will find that the imports of New Zealand were about double what they are to-day, and there is no reason why we should not look forward to an increase in these imports.

The German justification for their present action is the conditions that have fallen upon Germany in the World Crisis.

But I do say—and I feel that the majority of the House will support me in what I say—that they were responsible in a large measure because at a time of World Crisis, when every country was seeking to protect its own home market and at the same time was looking for somewhere to dump its goods, they left our country totally unprotected and so contributed to that state of affairs.


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So we are going to do everything in the world to prevent it, and I am certain that if the people of the country could have it put to them in the right way and could know the truth about how far the Government is working for peace, they would be the last to go back on their country at this moment in what is really a World Crisis.

The point that really worries me is that, in the Present World Crisis, when so many trades and industries are in a state of acute depression, we are making a grave mistake in not keeping our equipment and personnel up-to-date.

The right hon. Gentleman said, in "The World Crisis": "Civilisation has climbed above such perils.

What though the load of taxation remains within £4,000,000 of what it was in 1930, just before the World Crisis reached its most critical phase, when we were paying our debt to the United States, when provision was being made for sinking fund, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer was borrowing on long term at 5 per cent.

Surely if any British Government ever made a real contribution to bringing about the World Crisis it was that Government of which the hon. Member for Don Valley was such a distingushed ornament.

What did happen, however, was that, at the time of the World Crisis, with bacon as with so many other things, the bottom fell out of the market as regards price, and a whole lot of bacon was flooded into this country and offered to the public at prices which were completely and absolutely unremunerative.


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Precisely, and by the fall of world prices we threw hundreds of thousands of people out of work all over the world, and prolonged the World Crisis.

I do not hesitate to say that by departing from the Gold Standard we prolonged the World Crisis for over two years by forcing down the prices of raw materials in every primary producing country in the world.

I suppose we have all read and enjoyed his volumes on the World Crisis.

At this present Crisis of the World's affairs, it is more essential than ever to remember that it may happen - let us hope it will not - that at some future time this country may be engaged in war, and if in the meantime we allow our fishing industry to lapse into desuetude and drive the men away from the ports of our country into other trades, we shall have the greatest difficulty in getting man-power for our Navy, upon which, in another war, we shall depend as much as, and perhaps more than, in the last.

He spoke of the World Crisis and the aftermath, and said that life is a brief span, and all that matters is not to fall below the level of events of the greatest occasion.

My right hon. Friend the Member for Epping (Mr. Churchill) in "The World Crisis" said:The work of Ottley and of Hankey and generally of the Committee of Imperial Defence was now put to the proof.

We must remember that if ever we get over the World Crisis, if ever the working classes get a fair share of the national income, the number of motor cars on the roads will probably be multiplied by five or ten in a short period of time, and that that will mean that there is hardly an acre in the British Isles which will not become potential building land or soon threatened by some kind of despoliation by the ignorant unless it is protected as a national park.

1937 to 1938

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The right hon. Member for Epping (Mr. Churchill) in one of his books, "The World Crisis," spoke about the international situation in these terms:Death stands at attention, obedient, expectant, ready to serve, ready to sheer away the peoples, ready, if called upon, to pulverise without hope of repair what is left of civilisation.

It has been said that no blame could be attached to that Government for its remissness in dealing with the unemployment problem, for the cause of unemployment then was the World Crisis.

I do not think that we yet understand how far the World Crisis in 1931 caused the political disorders from which we are suffering at the present time.


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I remember my right hon. Friend the Member for Epping (Mr. Churchill) using a vivid phrase in one of his books, "The World Crisis," on the subject of Jutland and Lord Jellicoe.

In "The World Crisis," my right hon. Friend referred to "the mightiest Fleet laid down in 1912–13 and 1914, the greatest ever built by any Power in an equal period".

The present position has been reached, not as a result of an act of God, nor as the result of a Crisis in the World, although there is a crisis, but also because of the policy of this Government, which, whatever it has done in other directions, has had a most disastrous effect on the shipping industry as a whole.

In his book, "The World Crisis" the right hon. Gentleman the First Lord of the Admiralty drew a picture showing how for three years the trained armies of Germany and France were thrust upon each other, grappled fiercely, broke apart for a period, endeavoured to outflank each other, closed again in desperate conflict, and broke apart once more.

This Debate to-day has been devoted to the expression of opinion of the people of India who find themselves in a World Crisis in which everybody is involved -India as much as China, and China as much as Japan.


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He took office at a time when that country had been suffering from the World Crisis, and he conducted a wise, brave and vigorous home policy that did an immense amount to strengthen that country and to equip it for the conditions of the new world on which we are entering.


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I was bitterly disappointed recently to find that tonnage per man is going down instead of going up, at the very time in the World Crisis when it ought to go up, and it is largely due to lack of food.

In his "World Crisis" the Prime Minister calls attention to the mistakes and errors which were committed in Downing Street and Whitehall in the Gallipoli campaign.

If my hon. Friends want to know where that comes from, let them read "World Crisis," by Winston Churchill.

We recognise that This World Crisis has thrown us right up against a tremendous problem, we recognise that the old world should be ended and the new world take its place from now onwards; our contribution is to end the slavery in our own Colonies and territories".


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The Prime Minister, in his masterly history of the World Crisis, said that Lord Jellicoe was the only man who could have lost the War in an hour: Our Eastern strategic plan was wrecked in, possibly, twenty minutes.

My only purpose in speaking is to ask, almost to beseech my right hon. Friend not to pitch the key too low, nor, on the other hand, to raise false hopes, but to realise that in this Crisis in the World, if we really mean that the education system is capable of effecting certain changes, it will need a radical approach.

If the Committee will allow me, I would like to read a short passage from the Prime Minister's book, "The World Crisis," from Volume 6 page 32, where, describing the state of affairs on 11th November, 1918, he says:The organisation and machinery of which we disposed was powerful and flexible in an extraordinary degree.

In his book "World Crisis" he says, talking about the change that occurred at 11 a.


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They were written by the Prime Minister in his book "The World Crisis" with a knowledge of what was then the position in front of us.

May I call their attention to a very wise statement made by the Prime Minister in "World Crisis"?

From those circumstances came World Crisis.


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In "World Crisis Aftermath," he said:The Province of East Prussia, although originally in the nature of a German colonial conquest, had become a purely German land, whose population was animated, above all other parts of Germany, by the spirit of intense nationalism.

We were on the eve of a Great World Crisis in food.


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In August last, when the Foreign Secretary made his first speech in this House, he said that we were on the eve of a Great World Crisis in food.

It will be remembered, in 1945, the wheat acreage had fallen by no less than 940,000 acres, not due to my right hon. Friend's incapacity or inability or lack of capable prophecies, not due to a Socialist Government or to a World Crisis, but due almost entirely to the weather in the autumn of 1944.

There would be similar reductions in 1947 and 1948, and I have now informed the committees that it is my unquestionable duty to insist that these plans must be postponed to meet the Immediate World Crisis.

I was trying to say - but it is very difficult with all these interjections - that these drastic steps which the Government are taking at the behest of the House because of the World Crisis, will call for a good deal of energy, efforts and good will on the part of farmers and farm workers, but I am convinced that they will no more fail us today than they failed us in war time.

As my right hon. Friend the Member for Woodford, writing in "The World Crisis," in his inimitable way says:At that date the scythe that had annually shorn away the swathes of youth stopped at the very feet of a new generation.

I understand that there can be arguments put forward for the retention of that power in the hands of the few during the time when they themselves are marching into a World Crisis.


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Both he and the Lord President of the Council dealt very fully at that time with all sorts of wide, general questions affecting our balance of payments, and they pointed out that this is a World Crisis.


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I suggest that there is a World Crisis at the moment - I do not say, in what degree, but there is a crisis and we must face it.

In spite of Special Area treatment given to these areas, the problem was even greater in 1938 after seven years of social recovery than it was in 1930, a year of World Crisis.

Their decision to embark at this time of World Crisis upon such unproved and improvident experiments will add a page to our history which those who come after us will hurriedly turn over in sorrow and shame.

There, we had two completely different conceptions of how we should face this frightful ideological Crisis in the World at present.

1949 to 1950

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There need be no Crisis in the World if we have intelligent statesmen in the world.

I merely want to try to look at this question from the point of view of sterling balances in relation to the economic Crisis in the World - it is not only a British crisis, but a world crisis - realising that no other country has faced the storm of the economic crisis so squarely, or has managed to steer so steady a course through those seas, as this country.

The greatest danger is in Europe, and if we do not handle this situation with extreme care we shall precipitate a World Crisis.

Three years out of a young man's life is a considerable period, but I think that in this instance he is getting a very great advantage out of this service: it helps him and it helps the Royal Air Force, particularly at a time like this, when there is a World Crisis and the Service needs these men and can use every minute of their time.


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A half-and-half industry cannot survive great demands made upon it, just as a half-and-half nation cannot survive This World Crisis.

In the interests of this great nation, and we are still a great nation - in spite of having to carry the Leader of the Opposition with us among the ullages - he should give someone else the chance to quote him from his own book, "The World Crisis," Vol.

In "The World Crisis" he reveals that the British Navy has been enabled to buy oil at £7 million below world prices.

They were right on the facts that here among Allies in a time of World Crisis the producers of the world were holding supplies short while prospective consumers were bidding up the prices against each other.

This is really one of those quibbles in which lawyers delight, and we are considering it now at a time of World Crisis and with announcements of portentous things from day to day.


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Whereas he used to tell us about the dreadful state of affairs in this country, and the dreadful difficulties we were facing abroad and at home because of it, I do not remember hearing previously from him a great deal about the World Crisis of which he has told us so much this evening.

I think we are all agreed in this House that what has to be done now has to be done as a matter of urgency if we are not to face a World Crisis by starvation before the end of this century.

I do not think that that day will be forgotten, either by the young men or by their parents, and as I walked away there came into my mind a passage from the book, "The World Crisis," written by my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister:As in the shades of a November evening, I, for the first time, led a platoon of Grenadiers across the sopping fields the conviction came into my mind with absolute assurance that the simple soldiers and their regimental officers, armed with their cause, would by their virtues in the end redress the mistakes and ignorances of Staffs and Cabinets, of Admirals, Generals, and politicians - including, no doubt, many of my own.

-Colonel Schofield), to find that they have discovered the World Crisis.

That is not saying that it is responsible for the World Crisis.

I would point out to him, however, that Israel today is setting an example to the whole world of the very type of work that should be undertaken by a State to help them in the World Crisis by endeavouring to produce sustenance from soil previously eroded and abandoned.

I have lately been re-reading, "The World Crisis," which most hon. and right hon. Members will know well, with a view to re-covering the background of long ago.


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Members who have read the great history of the First World War by my right hon. Friend the Member for Woodford (Sir W. Churchill), The World Crisis, will remember that when this question was being discussed at the Cabinet, suddenly the calm, steady tones of Sir Edward Grey were heard dealing with much graver issues, namely, the news which had been received that Austria had delivered an ultimatum to Serbia.

The other day I read a sentence in the second volume of Sir Winston Churchill's "World Crisis," which was:Events continued to drift steadily forward".

I believe that the recent political and military actions of this Government have been extremely irresponsible and extremely ill-advised, but I should never have thought that a Government party, at such a time of Crisis in the World as this, could have been so irresponsible about the consequences of their action as not even to bother to come to the House, either to take part in the debate or even to listen to it.

From the moment he walked into his office he has been coping with one Major World Crisis after another.

1957 to 1958

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Only this morning I was reading the brilliant passage in the first volume of the "World Crisis" in which my right hon. Friend the Member for Woodford hints at that.

When I look at that Front Bench - excluding perhaps, one or two right hon. Members who are sitting there now - I am reminded of an incident in 1931 when the Conservative Party was in opposition and had a Motion of censure on the Order Paper against the then minority Labour Government for not having solved all the problems of agriculture in eighteen months, during a World Crisis.

In the first few days we created a very Serious World Crisis.

1962 to 1967

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over five years

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At any moment any post in the world may become a World Crisis centre - another Leopoldville or Vientiane.

1 Crisis in the World, namely, Vietnam?

] We do want the earth when there is a World Crisis.

This is a World Crisis in the fishing industry.

1968 to 1973

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To every unemployed man, it is the greatest Crisis in the World; we should not be glib about these matters.

We must exercise some import control in this situation, very much in the way that other nation States will have to exercise import control, because of a World Crisis in the monetary mechanism.

This is not a Community large enough, powerful enough, or even with the will, to deal with a Major World Crisis of this kind.


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It is equally clear that a World Crisis of cataclysmic proportions could result if individual countries sought to solve their balance of payments and other economic problems by narrow nationalistic measures.

I believe and hope that Britain's presence has given a nudge in this direction, but, quite apart from that, and the effect of the World Crisis, changes in leadership in several important Community countries have taken place.

Because the order will encourage violence and the creation of a racial divide in Southern Africa and contribute to the growing World Crisis, I shall vote against it, and I hope that in doing so I shall be supported by a number of my hon. Friends in what on a Friday is clearly a demonstration vote.


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There is an urgent need for the Government to do something about unemployment, despite the real constraints imposedby the debilitated British capitalist economy caught in the Worst World Crisis since before the last war.

On the one hand, there is the World Crisis, which affects us.


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The shipbuilding industry - an old industry in the technological sense - is facing a World Crisis.

To argue that this is merely a British sickness is misleading, for it must be seen against a background of World Crisis.

The Shipbuilding Organising Committee has played an important part in laying the foundations for the Corporation that will bear the responsibility for seeing the merchant shipbuilding industry through the Present World Crisis.

1978 to 1979

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It will be not too far distant when the World Crisis will be between the nations which have and the nations which have not.

It is public expenditure cuts that have worsened the World Crisis.

It is a World Crisis.


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I should like to register a protest about the short amount of time that has been given to questions dealing with foreign and Commonwealth affairs at a time of World Crisis.

In a World Crisis, we must look for potential allies.

I am certain that the Lord Privy Seal and the Minister of State will have taken full note of the fact that, with one or two idiosyncratic aberrations, there has been a total unanimity of view on the Brandt report's general concentration on the World Crisis, its identification of mutuality of interest, and its identification of human solidarity and a commitment to social justice.

He rightly criticised the failure of the Venice and Dublin summits to cater for the World Crisis.


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Does she not think that it is utterly deplorable, at a time of World Crisis in energy, that Britain should contemplate closing pits that still have coal in them?

That is the way that we shall get our country through the World Crisis.

When Conservative Members put the blame on the World Crisis they are seeking to delude their constituents.

It is a pure coincidence of time and history that 1973 also saw the beginning of a World Crisis, which was caused by factors external to the Community.

I submit that the World Crisis to which the Brandt report draws attention is far more serious.


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Our unemployment is part of a World Crisis.

The people of the Falklands may be few in number, and it may seem to some that a World Crisis is out of all proportion to the issues raised, but it is not just a question of 1,800 people, important as their rights are.

We know that there is a World Crisis of capitalism, although I recall that the Conservative Party denied that any such crisis existed when they were in Opposition and said that everything was the fault of the Labour Government.


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One day, it is the World Crisis.

It is nonsense that they have been allowed to expand the shipbuilding industry at a time of World Crisis.

The resources of the financial institutions need to be further strengthened to assert the power of the combined forces of industrialised countries looking after their own interests and to bring the World Crisis under control.

That is the fundamental nature of This World Crisis.

There was no question of a World Crisis then.

The Pontius Pilates of the Tory Government attempt to shift the blame from themselves and their system to the World Crisis.


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The hon. Member for Alyn and Deeside (Mr. Jones) made light of what he described as an alibi for the Government-namely, the World Crisis and the effect that it has had on so many countries.

In view of the European Commission's interpretation of the recent change in the fifth directive, will the Minister provide additional aid for the shipbuilding industry - as the French Government have done - to help it through the Present World Crisis?

A World Crisis could develop very swiftly not because of any direct move by the Warsaw pact against NATO or vice versa but because of events outside the direct control of those powers.

Does my right hon. Friend agree that the Opposition's policy, which is to solve the World Crisis by flinging money at it, is even more ridiculous in relation to the whole world than it is in relation to this country alone?


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Instead of protecting the industry in a World Crisis, the Minister is introducing a Bill to facilitate its contraction.

It is illogical because, in a World Crisis, the position in other countries which we had planned to help with our normal development aid will not have become so much better that they do not need the money.

I understand that that has never happened and is unlikely to happen, but it is a precaution which can be triggered in the event of a World Crisis.

1986 to 1987

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It would seem strange to a foreign legislator, observing our proceedings today, that, sandwiched between questions to the Secretary of State on the very lifeblood of the nation and a debate to be initiated by the Prime Minister on a matter of World Crisis, the House should grant to an unknown Back Bencher the right to inform Parliament of the trials the tribulations of an even more unknown deaf mute from a small market town in north Lincolnshire, of which the House knows little.

Does my right hon. Friend agree that this problem has been brought about not because of Government dereliction but because of the World Crisis in shipbuilding - a crisis which he has faced up to with positive courage?

Then they come to the House and in debates just like this say that the industry will now be stabilised, that there is a World Crisis but that at least there are some prospects for the future.

Of course, there is also the problem of what a continuation of the financial Crisis in the World's stock markets will mean for the real economy in this country and elsewhere.

1988 to 1992

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over four years

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There is a growing World Crisis.

but countries whose mutual warfare - their horrific engagement in one of the grimmest, most ghastly wars, with a killing total that exceeds almost anything in any other continuing World Crisis and begins to put it in the grim league of world wars - interests, future and influence on their neighbours are of extreme, intimate and immediate interest to this island and our immediate allies.

That memorandum is included in "The World Crisis: The Aftermath", and the right hon. Gentleman would do well to study it before he addresses us on the basis of his present approach.

It is no good the Chancellor of the Exchequer and others saying, "It is a World Crisis" or, "It is a European crisis".

1995 to 1998

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over three years

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The United States will not get involved with ground troops and without United States involvement in a World Crisis of this kind, we certainly cannot make substantial headway.

I recently became a trustee of an international body that is concerned with the Crisis in the World's fisheries.

I shall not attempt to predict the future because there is a World Crisis and a contagion of fear in the international market - we cannot be totally immune from that - but we have a stable economy as a result of two years of tough but necessary decision making by my colleagues in the Treasury.


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We have to weigh the good against the bad, and there is no question but that a serious Crisis in the World's energy use is looming.

I believe that, if there is Another Major World Crisis, it will be in the north-eastern Pacific--perhaps in the sea of Japan.

We need to tackle more energetically the World Crisis areas that breed terrorists.

The relevant unit goes to World Crisis after world crisis, dropping everything when something happens and working all the hours that God sends.

First, the UN Secretary-General declared as long ago as June that Afghanistan was the worst humanitarian Crisis in the World.

Is the Prime Minister aware that many Conservative Members greatly admire his handling of the Current World Crisis?

2002 to 2003

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Thirdly, it was part of the legislation intended to meet the World Crisis that existed in 1939.

It is not only part of a critical region; to some extent at the moment, it is the focus for a World Crisis.

The debate could not be more timely, because we face a wide-ranging Crisis in the World of pensions.

My Lords, this is probably the first time in history that a World Crisis has unfolded in real time in our sitting-rooms.


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Mukesh Kapila, the outgoing UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Sudan, describes Darfur as, "the worst humanitarian Crisis in the World", adding: "This is more than just a conflict.

It is rightly described as possibly the most serious humanitarian Crisis in the World at the moment.

It says: "Southern Africa faces the worst humanitarian Crisis in the World, with Aids, hunger and weakened capacity to govern, James Morris, UN special envoy for humanitarian needs, said.

I thank the Secretary of State for his warm welcome to me in this job and his broad and informative review of the growing World Crisis.

2005 to 2006

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So, are the Government satisfied that sending a total of 17 soldiers and officers, 15 under a NATO flag and two under a rival EU flag, is really doing enough in what the UN described as the worst humanitarian Crisis in the World at present?

There is an alternative, which is to respond to another Crisis in the World.


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As war-torn Darfur is now considered to be the largest humanitarian Crisis in the World, there is an urgent call for Africa's leaders to show the same unity of purpose and partnership with the UN that brought peace to Burundi and Sierra Leone.

The UN has described the situation in Darfur as the greatest humanitarian Crisis in the World - and there is hefty competition for that slot.

The UN has described the situation in Darfur as the greatest humanitarian Crisis in the World.


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What is the Government's response to the International Rescue Committee's calculation that the response to the greatest humanitarian Crisis in the World has been wholly inadequate and that the amount needed is some $3 billion to $4 billion, of which the Us should pay half?

The UN has described the Darfur conflict as the greatest humanitarian Crisis in the World, and we have seen the shocking pictures on our televisions.

As important as this debate is to all those in Europe, particularly in Britain, who depend upon the countryside for their living, those who require us to guarantee food production need to recognise the wider context of the World Crisis that we are facing.

Is that going to solve a World Crisis?

I congratulate my right hon. Friend on the targeted approach that he has taken, which is a fair response to the World Crisis and to the question of how to deal with it in our economy.


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The Government need to show the same sense of urgency that families and businesses are having to show to respond to this Crisis in the Real World.

But, with the best will in the world, who is the chairman of an unelected commission, however eminent, to tell the elected Prime Minister that he cannot advise Her Majesty that he would have at his side in a World Crisis the person he wants?

He was particularly pessimistic about the Present World Crisis.

The economic contraction in Germany and Japan will be greater over the next two years than that in Britain, so this is a World Crisis and it affects some countries more than others.

The Canadian economy has got through This World Crisis so much better than the British economy in part because its public sector is in better shape and making fewer extraordinary demands on its economy.


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That was not anything to do with the World Crisis.


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The truth is that he helped to avoid a global depression and that the current Chancellor got every important call in those days of World Crisis wrong.

There were small and big economies that were not affected by the World Crisis, even though global activity was hit, because American, British, Spanish and Irish activity was hit in a very predictable way.

The Government attempt to blame all of this on the previous Labour Government, as if we created the World Crisis, which we did not.

Is not the tragedy about the Prime Minister the fact that, as Leader of the Opposition, he totally underestimated the World Crisis?

It is fascinating that when the Prime Minister is in the Chamber and has the Tories sitting behind him, all he has to do is talk about how Labour left them the debt and they all howl, but when he goes away and talks to audiences who are more distinguished or more educated in finance, such as the IMF and Europe, he starts talking about the World Crisis.

Tens of thousands of Somalis have died in recent months; a million are internally displaced and facing the worst humanitarian Crisis in the World.


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Perhaps that is why she has polled only 5% in the primaries - one simply cannot say, “We'll reduce it back”: that flies in the face of dealing with the World Crisis.

Obviously, when a World Crisis occurs, a stimulus must be provided.

Whatever the structural deficiencies and other problems that exist in Greece and have existed there for a number of years, this problem was not caused by that; it was caused by the banking and economic Crisis in the World, and the way in which the eurozone has dealt with it.

It is impossible for it to pass legislation to deal with the World Crisis.


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I accept that it is an international mess and that there is a World Crisis, but the fact remains that, at £170 billion, this was a much larger deficit than that of any of our competitor or partner countries in the OECD.

This is a World Crisis.


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People are suffering on a day-to-day basis from a cost of living Crisis in the Real World.

We should escape from the idea that every Crisis in the World is Britain's crisis when it often is not.

At a time when the United States' strategic anxieties are focusing more across the Pacific than across the Atlantic, that may become all too obvious - obvious, that is, when your best and strongest ally just does not bother to consult you about a developing World Crisis or problem.

We have often led the way at times of World Crisis and been an inspiration to democratic peoples elsewhere.


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The right hon. Member for Leicester East spoke of the need for an immediate ceasefire, describing the situation in Yemen as the largest humanitarian Crisis in the World.

This is the largest humanitarian Crisis in the World.

We have already committed £75 million to this, the worst Crisis in the World, and I do give that commitment.


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We know that when there is a Crisis in the World, the British people are quick to dig into their pockets to give money.

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