Aden Crisis

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1963 - 1967

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1963 to 1964

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How is it that this grave Crisis in Aden has arisen from an outrage about which even no charges have yet been made?

The hon. Member for Lincoln (Mr. Taverne) concentrated his remarks on the current Crisis in Aden.


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A couple of week ago Mr. Frank Giles, the assistant editor of the Sunday Times, wrote an article about the Aden Crisis, in which he said:To turn the clock back now, to stay on in Aden after the appointed date for withdrawal, on the grounds of ensuring law and order, to enter into an open-ended commitment to the Federal Government which would leave Britain politically and militarily enmeshed, perhaps for years, in Middle Eastern affairs, would be an act of incalculable madness.

Mr. Yates goes on:The Crisis in Aden arises from the Conservative policy of Mr. Duncan Sandys, M.P., who deliberately forced the protesting colony of Aden into a federation, designed by Britain to give the federal tribal rulers autocratic power over Aden.

This is unacceptable in real politics at this stage of the Aden Crisis, but I would not give up hope that there will be a meeting between the Aden nationalists and representatives of the British Government.

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